Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
August 11, 2020
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Around Town >> Those Darn Honkers !!! (All Star Teams)
09/09 09:51
posted by

I promised myself I wouldn't respond to these posts anymore, but I can't help myself.  Gump3b, I will see you at those town meetings regarding honking.  I am tired of reading how disrespectful these kids are being raised to be.  Do you know any of these kids?  Do you know any of these parents?  Probably not. 

Additionally, there have been a lot of posts about safety.  Would it be more significant to address where the issues truely are?  Even after the police dept. handed out the cross-walk flyers to just about every driver in the village, not one driver has stopped for my children or I when we are standing in a crosswalk!!!  9 out of 10 children you see riding a bike don't wear helmets.  We have teenagers roaming the town in the middle of the night.  What are they doing?  Drinking? Vandalizing?  These are not seasonal problems, these are ongoing everyday problems.  Wouldn't we be better served addressing them at a board meeting?

In my opinion, the skateboarders are disrespectful.  They are told by law enforcement not to skateboard on the school steps almost daily..  For one, it damages the steps.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to pay to repair them.  Also, it is a safety issue.  I for one have almost hit a skateboarder who came flying off those steps in front of my car.  So, if they don't listen to the police, do they listen to their parents?  How is that for respect?

Let's prioritize....

09/06 08:14
posted by

I have every intention on allowing this to die down for a bit to get away from baseball season, and then start bringing it up at town meetings on the off season.  There is no reason why a resolution shouldnt be reached on the off season so that it is not just a seasonal b$%#ch that gets dropped.


As for the skate boarders for the most part I do agree, it really sucks that they get targeted .. a skateboard park is a great idea, give them someplace to go...

However, on several occasions this past week some of those teens were hanging out on my friends property on Hudson St and on her nextdoor neighbors front steps, a lady who is in her 90s.  They took it upon themselves to go from hanging out on front stoops to walking up well into my friends driveway, and onto the 90yr womans front lawn to take a pee by her maple tree ... dont these kids have bathrooms in their own houses they can go to? 

The problem isnt skateboarding at all, it is respect ... a common theme in this town.  Maybe if these kids are taught to be respectful from the young age when they are on the allstar teams they might grow up to be respectful teenagers be it with skateboards or with footballs.  If you teach your kids that they can do whatever they want because the town is going to have to fight to stop it, then it is your own fault what kind of teenagers and adults they grow into.

09/06 07:50
posted by
kate benson

good lord!        Are we still beating away at the dead horse of honking??!!!???!!!             as community someone or other wrote, let it go!      find something else to pi$$ and moan about, I am sure there is something, like why doesn't the street sweeper clean the crap that's been accumulating at the bottom of our street since last winter, it seems to have plenty of time to clean the main drag where people can see how pretty Cornwall is -        or,  maybe  - we need more parking in the village for all the people that are showing up to support all the businesses, yeah, right, all the ones that are closing down (because there's not enough parking? baloney!)         or why a few members of the local police target *some* groups of teens that hang out on the lawn of CoH school (the ones with skateboards) and not others (the ones with footballs). The skate boarding team was never found to have violated the CCSD party rule or been found with a keg out in the fields. Oh that's right , there IS no skateboarding team, gee I guess we don't have enough money for that...    ok, thanks for listening I feel much better now....

08/28 22:11
posted by
I agree with MT.  Also, I support the rights of the kids to skateboard in parking lots, so long as they are respectful, and I feel 8 out of 10 times they are.  The two issues here are respect and safety ... the honkers are disrespectful and unsafe.  Why cant it just be limited to the championships once a summer, with proper precautions.  I intend to write a letter  to the new mayor this fall asking for the issue to be addressed on the off season.  Can we come to a compromise?
08/12 21:23
posted by
Ahh the fun. I live within 1 block of the honking route. It does at times interfere with our quiet quality of life and that's a fact; however; we have the good fortune of having many winning children and families, who we would expect to conduct themselves safely.
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