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August 14, 2020
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Letters to the Editor: Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

December 15, 2018


The news about the climate has not been good. Recent reports by climate scientists are clear that to avoid the worst impact of climate change, society must dramatically reduce carbon dioxide emissions within the next few years. Reports from the National Climate Assessment and Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change specifically mention carbon pricing as a way forward, and the most recent Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded for William Nordhaus’s work developing a carbon pricing model. A recent editorial in the Times Herald Record states “The cost (of inaction) is in the tens of trillions, much higher than the cost of making the changes and adjustments that might postpone the deadline. But that assumes our politicians are wise enough to understand the problem, which most in charge today are not, and courageous enough to lead the effort, which even fewer are.”

In fact, some of our politicians have just taken the giant step of proposing legislation to address the high social and environmental costs of the use of fossil fuels by introducing a bill that will put a fee on carbon. On November 27, House members Ted Deutch, D-Fl, John Delaney, D-Md, Charlie Crist, D-Fl, Francis Rooney, R-Fl, and Brian Fitzpatrick, R-Pa, introduced a bill that would impose a $15-per-metric-ton carbon fee on the oil, gas and coal industries, with all revenue returned to the public to limit the pain of higher fossil fuel costs. By now, Dave Trott,R-Mi, has joined as co-sponsor of the bill. With the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, these Members of Congress have taken the unprecedented bipartisan step to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while creating American jobs, unleashing innovation, and improving public health.

They deserved our thanks and support for making this important effort which can drive down carbon pollution more than any prior national legislation or executive action. I applaud our own Representative Sean Patrick Maloney who has responded to the challenge of climate change with a proposal of his own and urge him to now throw his support behind the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.

It all adds up to now being the right time to take bold action, and I strongly urge local and national political leaders as well as the public to learn more about this bill and make it a reality. Waiting is not an option.

Olga Anderson

Co-founder, Citizens Climate Lobby Mid-Hudson South Chapter (NY-18)


Since moving here in 2006, I have come to know Dick Randazzo through our work together on the Cornwall Democratic Committee. Dick is a veteran public servant whose success has come from his sharp budgetary pencil and the common-sense administrative skills gained through his long tenure in Village and Town government.

I have also had the privilege, in the past year, of working with Bob Fromaget on complicated county water and budgetary issues. Few people work as hard as Bob does digging for the devils in the details of county government.

It is rare that two so highly-qualified candidates were available to fill a vacancy such as that in Legislative District 12 this year.

And it is indeed generous of Bob Fromaget to give such a thoughtful and detailed endorsement to Dick Randazzo's candidacy.

Bob is right: Dick is extremely well-qualified to continue his long service to this area in the County Legislature. I hope my fellow District 12 voters will join me in voting for him on November 3.

Jon Chase

posted by Jon Chase on 10/15/09 at 11:04 PM

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