Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
September 28, 2020
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General News: Election Workers Wanted

September 02, 2020


GOSHEN, N.Y (08/31/2020) – The United States Election Assistance Commission has proclaimed September 1st National Poll Worker Recruitment Day and the Orange County Board of Elections is asking all registered voters to pitch in and Help New York Vote for the November 3rd general election.  

With the General Election coming up on November 3rd, the Commissioners at the Orange County Board of Elections are announcing they are currently seeking registered voters who wish to work as Election Inspectors. Every year, elections in Orange County are made possible by the several hundreds of voters who serve as election workers. These are the people who do the important work of processing voters throughout the Early Voting and Election Day. “We depend on the election workers to help us conduct fair and secure elections each year,” stated Commissioner Courtney Canfield Greene.

Any registered voter or any seventeen year old who pre-registers with the Orange County Board of Elections is eligible. A seventeen year old would be required to pre-register to vote, turn eighteen by the General Election and have their parent or guardian’s written permission to work election day. “This is an exciting opportunity for a seventeen year old to be involved and learn more about the democratic process,” stated Commissioner Louise Vandemark. Inspectors do not need to be registered as a Republican or Democrat but would have to declare for one or the other to work on Election Day. There is also a need for bilingual speaking workers throughout the County. Election workers would be assigned to a polling location in their community or in a neighboring area if they were inclined to travel. “It is an exciting time to be an election worker, the technology of voting has really changed in recent years with addition of electronic poll books and new voting machines,” stated Commissioner Vandemark.

Election Workers are compensated for their training and can earn $250 on Election Day. Training will be available in early fall and will accommodate any schedule. For more information on how to become an election worker, call the Orange County Board of Elections at (845) 360-6515 for Democratic inquiries and (845) 360-6516 for Republican inquiries or email them: [email protected]


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