Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
August 12, 2020
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Letters to the Editor: Election 2018: Support for James Skoufis

October 28, 2018

Dear Editor,

Mr. Tom Basile comes from a political logic that privatizes profits and socializes costs. Every idea that Mr. Basile has proposed for Stony Point supports profiteering at the Community’s expense. His pet idea was to bring New Planet Energy and their unproven, polluting, garbage-gasification plant to Stony Point and he supported building their polluting factory right next to where Seniors with diminished lung health and illnesses live, within 1500 feet of Schools. While profits would flow to the company, the community would suffer hundreds of heavy diesel-belching NYC garbage trucks every day on narrow 2-lane town roads. Mr. Basile opposed allowing a Clean Power company access rights for lines through the town. Big problems need big thinking, and smart leadership. But as Councilman, Mr. Basile has never proposed a workable solution to tackle the 800-pound Gorilla, the $350 million Mirant tax certiorari crisis, that will continue to crush Stony Point tax payers for the next 20 years. While Mr. Skoufis co-sponsored and passed an Assembly Bill to give town tax payers 70% relief, Republicans opposed it in the NY Senate.

Now that elections are nearing, Mr. Basile feels pressured and is quick to call his party leader in Long Island and has announced an impractical funding idea and has tried to hoodwink our Teachers and Tax Payers. Is this who we want representing us on bigger issues of the State? Mr Basile proposes saddling tax payers with the cost of judgments against child predators from religious institutions. Mr. Basile believes in a “winner takes all” philosophy. The smart choice for NY Senate is James Skoufis, who will continue to fight for the working man and woman.

Respectfully yours,

Sridhar Venkatesan
Resident of Stony Point, NY


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