Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
June 24, 2024
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Police Blotter: March 13-April 10, 2023

April 13, 2023

Town of Cornwall Police Blotter
March 13-April 10, 2023



03/13/23 Police assist COH Police with vehicle attempting to elude the Police which crashed on Dock Hill Rd.
03/13/23 Police take a report of larceny from a vehicle on Pleasant Hill Rd. Two phone chargers were taken from the vehicle.
03/13/23 Police assist a driver with a vehicle lockout.
03/13/23 An intoxicated driver was stopped and taken to St. Lukes Hospital.
03/13/23 Police take a report of a vehicle accident no injuries reported.
03/14/23 Police issue summonses for vehicles parked on Main st and Warren Court blocking snow removal.
03/14/23 Police and Fire Dept respond for wires down on Maple Rd. and fire in a tree on Penny Lane due to wires.
03/14/23 Fire Dept respond to Mailler Ave to pump out a flooded basement.
03/14/23 Police take a trespass report from Ivy Rock Lane and advise.
03/15/23 Police respond for a 4 vehicle accident on Rt 32 with injuries.
03/16/23 Police respond for a vehicle in a ditch on Rt 9w and assist with contacting tow co.
03/16/23 Police assist Town of Highlands Police with an active car fire on Rt 9W.
03/17/23 Police respond to a complaint of dog noises on Peter Scott Dr. and issue a warning.
03/17/23 A caller on Sycamore Dr. called to report the smell of a perfume like odor similar to the one reported last month.
03/17/23 Police respond to a vehicle accident on Rt 9W with property damage and to another vehicle accident on Quaker Ave. with reported injuries.
03/20/23 A victim reported fraud. Someone opened up a credit card in his name.
03/21/23 Police and Fire Dept respond to an apartment at Landmark Drive for a smoke alarm going off due to food burning on a stove.
03/22/23 A caller reported fraud. Someone was opening up credit in her name and making purchases.
03/22/23 A driver swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle and struck a fence.
03/23/23 Police remove a tree down on Rt 9W.
03/24/23 A subject stated that his bank account was accessed, credit cards were used, money was taken from his joint account and his phone number was switched to another carrier.
03/24/23 Police respond to a 2 vehicle accident on Quaker and Elm.
03/26/23 Police respond to a 2 vehicle accident on Orrs Mills Rd.
03/27/23 A subject reported that her son stole a check from her and made a deposit into his account.
03/27/23 Subjects burning brush in their yard were advised on the burn ban and to extinguish the fire.
03/27/23 a subject ran away from home and called the Police when he got lost. He was transported to St. Lukes Hospital for evaluation.
03/28/23 Police and Fire Dept respond to Sundown Rd for a report of fire from a chimney and find smoke in the basement.
03/28/23 Police respond to Rt94 for a 2 vehicle accident with reported injuries. A driver got his sandal stuck then swerved into traffic.
03/29/23 Police respond to Rt 94 for a 2 car vehicle accident no injuries in the parking lot of Cumberland Farms.
03/30/23 Police respond to Rt 94 for a 2 car vehicle accident w/property damage on Quaker Ave.
03/30/23 A subject turned in a wallet found on Rt 32 and Police locate the owner for return.
03/31/23 Police respond to a vehicle accident on Mineral Springs rd. with property damage.
04/01/23 A man took a $9,000 bike from Bryan’s Bikes for a test ride and never returned. The man used 2 forms of ID to do a test ride which Police checked out and the Id and credit card appear to be fake.
04/01/23 A tree fell onto a vehicle on rt 32 causing damage.
04/03/23 police place several warnings on vehicles while enforcing parking rules on Main St.
04/03/23 Police take a report of illegal dumping after 2 mattresses were located on Boulevard.
04/04/23 Police respond to a 2 vehicle accident on Quaker Ave with property damage.
04/05/23-04/07/23 police place several warnings on vehicles while enforcing parking rules on Main St.
04/05/23 Police respond to Rt9W for a raid rage incident involving tailgating and brake. checking.
04/05/23 A caller reported that he was the victim of identity theft. He was told that someone attempted to file a tax return using his social security number.
04/06/23 A subject illegally dumped several bags of landscaping refuse at low point, was spotted, identified and pulled over by Police who had the subject clean up the items he dumped.
04/07/23 Police respond to a motor vehicle accident w/injuries on Rt 94 in front of Cumberland.
04/09/23 Police respond to Mineral Springs Rd for a road rage incident.


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