Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
August 08, 2022
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Police Blotter: May 16-June 12, 2022

June 21, 2022

Cornwall-on-Hudson Police Blotter
May 16-June 12, 2022




Police issue approximately 11 warnings and 21 summonses to drivers including tickets issued for no parking permits.
05/16/22 A caller reported that an unknown person was taking photos of his home on Deer Hill Rd. and he suspects that she is a spy for the Village office. The photographer was taking photos of some stone work.
05/16/22 A tree fell on a vehicle on Hudson st.
05/17/22 A pot hole on Rt 218 caused a flat tire.
05/17/22 Tree down on Hudson St. Police provided traffic control while DPW removed the tree.
05/19/22 Police take a report of identity theft after a subject received $7,000 and was told by email to send it to another bank account.
05/20/22 A person altered a $100 check to $8500 and cashed it.
05/20/22 Police and tow truck respond to CSX for a vehicle stuck on the tracks, CSX notified by 911 and traffic held until vehicle removed by tow truck.
05/21/22 Police and tow company respond to a vehicle stuck in a ditch on Mountain Rd.
05/23/22 Someone turned in a wallet found on the street. Wallet returned to owner.
05/28/22 Police move large turtle off of Shore Rd.
05/30/22 Police assist with a vehicle lockout.
05/30/22 Police and several fire debts respond for a missing kayaker who was then found safely coming to shore from Bannerman’s island.
05/31/22 A wallet was found and returned to its owner.
06/04/22 Police assist with getting a cat out of the wrong house.
06/04/22 Police respond to Cumberland for a report of an angry customer whose credit card was declined.
06/06/22 A caller reported that a car parked on Maple Rd. with 4 hispanic males was suspicious. Men were from a moving co. and waiting for a moving truck to arrive.
06/08/22 Police, EMS and Fire Dept. respond to a vehicle accident on Hudson St.
06/08/22 A caller reported that the school district grounds were being mowed before 8am. School employee was advised.
06/10/22 Police gave kids from Butterhill Day School a tour of the Police car.
06/11/22 Police and backup respond to a report of a violent domestic and take custody of the belligerent and screaming man who would not identify himself and insisted on being addressed as “good citizen” and then kicked officer in the chest. “good citizen” was transported to the Town of Cornwall Police Dept.
06/12/22 Police take a report of a vehicle struck while parked on Hudson St.


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