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July 14, 2024
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General News: Notes from the Village Board Meeting 6/15/20

June 20, 2020

 Village Board Meeting 6/15/20

Public comments: A resident Kathy Kirshner called in to the meeting and stated that she paid $100 for a permit for a wedding at the gazebo and was told that she had to limit her group to 10 people and told family members that they couldn’t attend the event. She then discovered that after she limited her group, that large groups gathered for the Black Live Matter vigils. She wanted to know if they paid for a permit and why their groups weren’t limited in numbers. She suggested that all large groups apply for a permit to use the gazebo whether the Village waive the fee or not.

Another resident Carole Incantalupo who was also at the wedding with Kathy said that it isn’t fair and asked the Mayor “What are you going to do?”
She also commented about the large number of people I have good friends that said “they got the hell out of there after they saw NJ plates” and that the park is crowded and attracting riff raff. She stated “Are you going to let all the riff raff into our town?”

CSEA: The board approved to conform job titles to the matching in house CSEA (Civil Service Employees’ Association) county job titles. No new job titles were created, the purpose was to comply with job titles only.

Overpayment: The board passed a resolution to refund the overpayment of a water bill. It will be an amendment to the local code book and maybe have the village engineers take a look at it before it is put in place. Over $2700 was made in an overpayment from a resident of 28 Mailler Ave.

SCADA: To award bid on Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA). 5/21 bid opening held on proposed data $453,781, in conjunction accept 5/28 proposal for $37,560 for construction management.

Trucks: To declare dump truck and garbage truck surplus. as recommended by DPW Steve Halvorsen 1994 garbage truck 1986 dump truck to be sold.
A/C for SKFE: Grant that Mike Trainor was able to get to upgrade central air upgrades at SKFE. The work cost is approximately 30k. The building currently has window units and the Fire Dept. applied for a grant, it also provides for an exhaust system.

New software for village payroll system: The $2400 Springbrook software module for employee self services. It will allow employees to access information on their payroll such as leave accrual and print back pay stubs. The cost will not be $2400 a year, this cost is a main start up costs and each year there will be a license per person cost and cost for training.

Summer Recreation Program update: The Village made the decision that it is impossible for the Village to do the program this year. The Village received a lengthy packet of information about how to do it if possible and it is impossible to follow the protocol. The State Health Department has lengthy requirements and the Village would not have enough time to prepare to follow the requirements. The Village has had multiple conversations on the subject to try to make it happen and understand that residents rely on the camp for childcare but there is not enough time to put in place, train and to properly follow the Health Dept. regulations. The Village was told they could open the summer playground weeks before receiving the lengthy health guidelines.

Summer concerts: Mayor Coyne  "It’s important to support our local businesses and restaurants and hopefully on July 7th we’ll be able to have our first concert”  The Village will confirm the date. Social distancing rules will apply.

Flower Plantings: The Village acknowledges the gift of labor for flower plantings for the village from Eugene Randazzo. DPW prepped the area and purchased to flowers and Randazzo’s Landscaping

COVID-19 Update: Plexiglass is installed in the Village office counter space to protect employees. Using a thermometer creates a medical record so employees would have to create a daily questionnaire.

Parking: Hikers are parking as far as Deer Hill to hike and the Village is installing no parking signs where needed in the Village.

More comments:
A caller talked about the Black Lives Matter movement and said that he has spoken to several Latinos from the Town of Newburgh that say they get pulled over all the time in Cornwall.
A caller named Vish commented - “Are we going to make a policy so that our cops don’t have to kneel in these protests?”
A caller asked Is there something at the riverfront for June 14th? Mayor Coyne answered that he is not aware of anything planned.
Board member James Gagliano stated that we should have one standard as far as protests and also with use of the riverfront.
On the topic of protests he stated “I agree with that but we need one standard can’t allow our public servants to take place in protest while in uniform.”


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