Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
December 05, 2023
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General News: Election Results in Town of Cornwall 2019

November 06, 2019

Results for the 2019 Cornwall Town Board Election.

Richard Randazzo was re-elected as Town Supervisor, Renata McGee was re-elected as Town Clerk both running unoppsed. 
‒ Town Supervisor
Richard Randazzo (D, Protect Cornwall, C, I) 2279

‒ Town Clerk
Renata McGee (R, C, I) 2180

‒ Town Justice
Justin Kimple (D, Protect Cornwall) 1359
Francis Navarra (R, C, I) 1749

‒ Town Councilman (two seats)
Wynn Gold (D, Protect Cornwall) 1452
Josh Wojehowski (D, Protect Cornwall) 1625
Kerry McGuinness (R, C, I) 1600
James K. Kline (R, C, I) 1347

‒ Town Councilman (one vacant seat)
Virginia A. Scott (D, W, Protect Cornwall, SAM) 1583
James G. McGee (R, C, I) 1516

‒ Receiver of Taxes
Erica Nichols (D, Protect Cornwall) 1384
Maryanne C. O’Dell (R, C, I) 1718




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