Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
July 04, 2020
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Police Blotter: September 23-October 13, 2019

October 18, 2019

Town of Cornwall Police Blotter
September 23-October 13, 2019



10/02/19 A 30 yr old female from Highland Mills, NY was arrested and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the 3rd degree.
10/06/19 A 30 yr old from Cornwall, NY was arrested and charged with harassment in the 2nd degree.
10/11/19 Christian g Rodas-Martinez, age 24, of Newburgh, NY was arrested and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the 3rd degree, plate display charge and tinted windows charge.
10/08/19 Jefrey Sanchez, age 21, of Monroe, NY was arrested and charged with 2 charged of DWI.

09/26/19 A landlord reported criminal mischief to his property. The complainant stated that his tenant whom he evicted, made a park like display inside of the house with large rocks, blocks, dirt and flowers laid on top of the all to wall carpeting and it appeared that a cat urinated on parts of the carpet.
09/28/19 Police locate an injured deer on Mineral Springs Rd and humanely dispatch the animal.
09/28/19 Police take a report of a coyote spotted on Chestnut St.
09/29/19 A caller reported that a lazy bear was lounging in her yard. Police moved bear along.
10/01/19 Police receive a call about a large rock blocking Rt 9W northbound and remove the rock.
10/01/19 A caller reported larceny of jewelry and tools.
10/01/19 Police assist other Police Dept to locate a driver in a hit and run accident involving an SUV and a motorcycle which killed the motorcyclist.
10/02/19 Police notify State DOT of a tree down blocking Rt 32.
10/05/19 Police remove a dead deer blocking the thruway overpass.
10/05/19 Police investigate larceny from a store. A female was caught on camera taking a bracelet from a store.
10/05/19 Police respond to a complaint of a person who stated that he sold a vehicle and is getting parking tickets on that vehicle after at the sale date Police contacted the new owner of the vehicle and advised him to replace the registration sticker with a new sticker.
10/06/19 Police locate an injured deer on Rt 32 and humanely dispatch the animal.
10/10/19 Police notify Central Hudson of pole and wires down on Old West Point Rd.
10/11/19 Police respond to a 2 vehicle accident on Rt 9W south.
10/12/19 A caller picked up a loose dog that was missing form its owner. Caller contacted the dog owner on Preiss Ct who stated that she no longer wanted the dog. Police advised the owner that they could take the dog to Walden Humane Society. Hours later the husband called the Police and wanted the dog returned to their home.


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