Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
May 30, 2020
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General News: Fourth of July Parade 2019

July 06, 2019

Cornwall’s Annual Fourth of July Parade 07/04/19
By Hannah Comitz

The weather during the parade was very sunny and warm. The American flag, POW and MIA flag and the American Legion flag were marched by local military officers at the front of the parade.
There was a very wide variety of floats, many throwing out candy to the children in attendance. Some of the floats throughout the parade represented town, state and county officials. Kevin Hines rode in a car waving to the public and James Skoufis walked with his banner.

There were children doing leaps and back flips on a truck showing the public all the tricks they learned in their classes. The Orange County rowing association had a large truck pulling their boats. The fire companies and emergency response vehicles from the town and surrounding areas drove their trucks in the parade. The trucks were honking the horn and getting the children excited. Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops walked proudly waving to the adoring crowd. There were multiple old fashion cars that drove in the parade. Many of the drivers honked and waved to the people on the side walks. Jones Farm had a float being pulled by a tractor with the owners of the farm and their family waving to the public. A noticeable difference this year was that there was no senior float. Some of the people in the crowd seemed disappointed because they came prepared to soak the students with water.

There were different varieties of bands staggered throughout the parade to play music for the public. The bands played patriotic music and entertained the crowd. Overall, the parade is a great tradition that Cornwall continues to execute wonderfully every year.


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