Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
August 11, 2020
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Schools >> How 'bout a skateboard park in the village ?
09/04 12:19
posted by

Do kids need to register to play at the local playgrounds?  I understand the liability concern, but it is an odd concept to me...


How about the area in front of the middle school?  By what was the "C" wing when it was the old high school, do they still call that the C wing?  It is right in front of an area meant for kids that age, so it is a place they frequent anyway, and it is visible for the local police to patrol, since the possibility of kids doing mischief while skateboarding is always an issue in Cornwall ... they deserve a place also, and I think that it was a great idea from whoever started the thread

08/01 23:01
posted by

just a side note on liability.... if when the children go to the skate parks or register with a park they sign a wavier saying that the park holds no responsibility and that kids are skateing at their own risk, however kids then need a parent with them but if they sign once and it get filed away the kids could just go have fun... this just an idea though because im not sure exactly how all that works with insurances

05/09 16:08
posted by
Rafael Ortiz

This is a great recommendation.   As a child, I enjoyed many moments on roller blades.  We didn't have skateboards back then.   

I asked the BOE this question at one of our board meetings, and their reply was the liability concern. 

This certainly should be explored: location, costs, public funding, fundraising, and insurance coverage.  

Would be great if could pass on the good memories of enjoying long summer days skateboarding with friends...

Why don't you start researching equipment costs and perhaps we could gain greater support...

Great question.


03/26 23:22
posted by
i posted my reply in the wrong section..... :(
10/27 17:21
posted by
a very good idea most other areas have a skate park but kids cant always get a ride there, it needs to be close enough the kids can walk to it.
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