Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
August 07, 2020
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Riverfront Development >> Speak now or forever hold your ,,
04/16 20:36
posted by

I must commend John Wenz on the excellent work he is doing.  Thank you for the time you are taking John, you are a welcome voice to those of us that truly appreciate the environment around us.

You doubters and negative people that are afraid of polishing something that is dull and missing something important must be aware of John's history not only as someone that has a love for the sea but someone that is truly dedicated to the Maritime Industry as a whole.  Our country was founded by a sailor wasn't it?  In fact the Hudson River is named after a Merchant Mariner isn't it.  If not for the merchant marine industry where would we be.  The history of the Hudson River Valley is thanks to people like John who have the vision and the desire to improve something that made us what we are today. 

John not only is a graduate of a well known maritime institution but also sailed for the Americas Cup under some very famous sailors of our time.  His intentions are good, his experience and knowledge extensive and I am sure that if people actually listened to his ideas they would understand how good his intentions are.  COH's most important natural resource is the Hudson River and developing the waterfront is a natural progression toward the future of the area, which should have been done YEARS ago.  After all, don't you want your tax dollars to be spent on something that improves your property values? We should be happy to have someone with such experience and knowledge working toward a positive end with a desire to improve something that should be a showplace.  Imagine having an annual 'regatta' named for Cornwall-on-Hudson, a sailing center or a Maritime Museum. 

It's time for the next generation to make things better for future generations.  Of course, the environmental issues are at the forefront of any project.  Our children need to understand that the history of this area was built around the river and keeping it hidden is not the answer.  We have a natural resource that should be enjoyed by everyone and developed in a responsible manner.  Listen to the experts not to those that are afraid.  The gazebo is great, but how long will it be until it is defiled and become an eyesore because it is sitting by itself with no one to appreciate it.  How many wedding pictures can you take and what benefit does it serve.  Our kids need something to do, need a sailing center for one and maybe a park that attracts them.  Its about our future, its about our kids and a positive impact on our environment.

Thanks for your efforts John, more power to you and know that there are people out there that support what you are doing.

04/15 06:13
posted by
I was told last night that Cornwall On Hudson was given a Grant for $60K for the Mary Powell dock . I do not know if this is true . If this it true the people in Cornwall have not been informed In John Wenz letter in Cornwall On Hudson he said he would like to see a floating dock, yesterday at the Master Plan meeting Lee Murphy stated he wanted to see a permanent dock. JohnWenz also stated that change is inevitable and we are naıve if we donıt think developer will come in and develop our landing. What do the people of Cornwall want? It was load and clear at all the meetings the people want little or no change. Who will profit from the change? Who wants tour boat to come and take over out quiet park? Do you really think this it will help our tax base to have tour boats take over our park? If people want to use the park or go for a boat ride, do it! Go to the Village office , get a permit , use the park , take your boat out , have a picnic ,take a hike. get a pole and catch a fish, walk in the creek. If you want to get kids interested in boating , take a safety course and do it ! We have one of the most beautiful jewels on the river. What make it unique is there is no restaurants , no shops to spent money at , its not over crowded ı.Its nature at its best . Why would anyone want to change that ?? Ok Iım not going to sit around and be naıve I DONıT WANT THE LANDING TO BECOME A TOURIST ATTRACTION. Its our park , we pay the taxes, we clean it, we want it to stay that way ! I am going to call Joe Gross, email the newspapers , talk to my neighbors. I hope you all will do the same. Karen E Schaack Cornwall on Hudson
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