Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
July 05, 2020
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Letters to the Editor: Election 2018: Support for James Skoufis

October 28, 2018


We, the original founding members of the United Monroe organization enthusiastically endorse James Skoufis for New York State Senate.

Since 2013, at the beginning of our fight against the Kiryas Joel annexation attempt, James Skoufis was there, fighting by our side.

James Skoufis led the charge and created and passed legislation to raise the environmental bar for large scale land grab attempts. He went up against Cuomo to fight for the people of Monroe, and the Monroe-Woodbury School District.  United Monroe has always been a non-partisan organization, and James Skoufis has always been there, regardless of political party, to do what is right.

In these times of great national division, knowing that James Skoufis has always served his constituents, no matter their affiliation, has given us great comfort.

Please join us in voting on November 6th for the only candidate for Senate who has stood by our side when we needed him, James Skoufis.

United Monroe Founding Members,

Lolie Farrell - Chairperson, Community Outreach Committee and Fundraising Committee
Phil Gagler - Media Relations Committee, Web Design
Cristina Kiesel - Chairperson, Media Relations and Fraud Investigation Committees
Marc Miller - Media Relations Committee, Videography and Production
Dr. Steve Pavia - Media Relations, Community Outreach and Fundraising Committees
Eileen Ruddy - Chairperson, Fundraising and Fraud Investigation Committees


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