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July 19, 2024
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150th anniversary of the 124th Regiment

Photo by Robert Henriksen. 150th anniversary of 124th regiment. Tent.
Photo by Robert Henriksen. 150th anniversary of 124th regiment. Tent.
Photo by Robert Henriksen. 150th anniversary of 124th regiment.
Photo by Robert Henriksen. 150th anniversary of 124th regiment.
August 27, 2012

by Robert Henriksen
150th anniversary of the 124th Regiment

If you happened to be in Goshen this past weekend, you might have seen tents as well as militia marching on the lawn in front of the Orange County Court House. The men and women were dressed in 1860 attire. They were reinacting the mustering of the Civil War troops who trained at this site 150 years ago to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the mustering of the 124th Regiment (the Orange Blossoms). In 1862, men came from all over Orange County and trained at Camp Wickham which is the site of the Orange County Government Center and surrounding area. There were also several talks given by Orange County historian Cornelia Bush, as well as others, at the 1841 Court House on Main Street in Goshen. This reinactment commemorated this quintessential event. Orange County has a vast history that can be researched at

For those who may be history buffs, a special event will be taking place on September 29th and 30th to commemorate the Civil War. Come and see how the soldiers lived with authentic Civil War tents and winter cabins. There will be daily Civil War battle reinactments througout the day. This will take place at the Farmers Museum in Montgomery.on Route 17K in Montgomery. For more information go to I've even heard that President Lincoln who will be making a special appearance to inspect the troops.

for more information: Civil War Encampment Weekend


Great article on the 124th NY Regiment. My GGG Uncle John Nelson Knapp was a member of 124th Regiment and survived the war being mustered out at Washington HQ in 1865.I was born in St.Lukes and our family lived on he Heights until we moved into the Cornwall School District. During my last stint in the Hudson valley, Captain of the tour boat Commander 2001-2008 I spent many days going around the area and remembering this and that from the 50's when I lived there and went to CCHS. Thanks for the article. I met the reinactors at the farmers musuem in 2003. Great bunch of guys. Barry

posted by Barry Sutton on 08/30/12 at 1:18 PM

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