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July 14, 2020
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General News: Notes from the Town Board Work Session

March 11, 2018

Cornwall Town Board Work Session Meeting- 03/05/18
By Hannah Comitz 

Hudson Highlands Land Trust:
Two representatives spoke to the board about working in conjunction with multiple conservation programs around this area. There goal is to make a natural heritage plan using 25 maps of the area to show the recreational, water, scenic areas, and cultural resources. Then the organization will consider public input of what people favor the most and put together all the maps to easily identify the main attractions and valued places in the area. This can be used in the comprehensive plan of the town to know what is most valuable to the people in town. This is a helpful planning tool to see where the majority of projects should be aimed. The organization received a grant from the DEC to do this. They will have a public input meeting for people to make inputs based on the maps as well as have an online way for people to put digital pins on the maps. This way people who can not make the meetings can still put their input in. This is a really interactive way to get input about the area from the community. The answers will have guidelines and will be moderated. The meetings will be in late May and early June to hopefully be accesible no matter the person’s schedule. This program will be a fantastic tool for land use in the community. There will be a meeting open to the public on April 15th at the Highlands Country Club in Garrison. Registration will soon be open and they hope that people reserve ahead because lunch is provided.

Request to Purchase Mower:
A budget has been put together for quotes for a new mower for the town. A few out of use machines will be traded in to reduce the cost of the new mower.

Local Law Tree Trimming:
Tree trimming has been allowed to occur under the towns tree warden. They gave a notice timeline of 14 days in the updated version of the law. If there is a dangerous situation, tree trimming activity is allowed as long as permission is given from the town. The town wanted to add a scheduled cycle that the trees are examined and fixed. They also wanted to specify the amount that is removed so the tree is not left chopped up or as a trunk.

Mutual Aid for Supplemental Police Assistance Agreement:
It seems that the other towns and municipalities are very interested. A copy of the resolution is going to be written up and then circulated to the other areas to make sure all terms are agreeable. 

Bethlehem Presbyterian Church- Annual Chocolate 5k Run/Walk:
This is going to be the fourth time the run is held at the same area as the last couple of years.

Hudson Valley Girls on the Run 5k Event- NYMA:
The run is on June 10th from 6am-1pm, which includes set up and clean up time. It is the same route as they had last year near NYMA.

Intermunicipal Agreement- Stop DWI:
The board is authorizing an agreement to have the DWI program in the town.

School Security:
The Town Board, Board of Education, police and school administrators all had a meeting to discuss school security. A private security company is doing a survey currently. There has been talk of possibly having police officers at the school. According to a board member, there is resource money set aside particularly for security that is being held by the Governor. The board is considering sending a letter to release those funds. A member raised a concern that the Board of Education is not meeting the criteria posted by the state. One member was disappointed that a walk out is being encouraged by the Principal of the high school. This appeared to be a one sided opinion because many other resources say that it is the students who are organizing the walk out. The Principal has been working with the students to create a healthy and supportive environment for students to make a change.

Kiryas Joel Letter Request- Property Tax Exemption:
KJ doesn’t want to pay taxes for their property improvements, and the board said that their response should be treated like any other request from the village.

Set Public Hearing CDBG-FY-2019:
The public hearing is on April 9th and there will be discussion about side walk cut outs for wheelchairs on Main Street. The board agrees that this is a really good project to consider.

Ambulance Building Door Replacement:
The main meeting room doors have not been operating properly. There has been multiple bids for this project and money will be used from the fund. Reliable glass was chosen to fix the door.

Authorize Bidding Wading Pool Rehabilitation:
The board decided to redo the entire pool and rip out the current fiberglass to replace it. The new installment will be attached with an epoxy to the concrete.

Proposed Small Wireless Facilities Deployment Act:
Right now the Act states that municipalities can allow smaller businesses on telephone poles, as long as they pay a fee. This takes away the right to regulate these small businesses. The lawyer for the town stated that this can allow business to put mini-fridge size boxes on poles. This could be a disturbance to the area, and could also release undesirable frequencies to the community.

Highland Engine Co. Annual Easter Egg Hunt:
This will be held Saturday March 31st at 10am. 

Personnel: Committee Appointments:
The board will have the results for next Monday. 


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