Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
August 08, 2022
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Police Blotter: April 18-May 15, 2022

May 21, 2022

Town of Cornwall Police Blotter
April 18-May 15, 2022



05/01/22 A 25 yr old male from Cornwall-on-Hudson was arrested for stealing beer and various malt beverages from CVS.
05/08/22 An 18 yr old male from Florida, NY was arrested and charged with unauthorized use of a vehicle in the 3rd degree and 3 other vehicle charges.

04/19/22 A caller reported a suspicious person wearing red pants and a hoodie was circling a house. Caller was advised that the person is there to do construction.
04/21/22 Police notify Central Hudson of wires down on Old Mill St.
04/21/22 Police and Fire Dept respond to Otterkill Rd for 3 railroad ties burning.
04/22/22 Police and Fire Dept respond to Timberline Dr. for a vehicle fire.
04/22/22 A caller reported that there were two coyotes near McCans Lane and Main St.
04/23/22 A subject was being harassed about a drum set. Police advise harasser to cease contact with the drum owner.
04/25/22 Police find a license plate on Angola Rd. and return it to the owner.
04/25/22 An employee stole shrimp, pecorino cheese, pasta and garlic butter from his place of business. The employee was told that his services were no longer needed at the business.
04/25/22 Police respond for a trespassing complaint and the trespasser said that he was trying to get better cell service.
04/26/22 A caller reported that a suspicious person driving a white Volvo was following her on Willow Ave. and she requested a Police escort to her residence.
04/28/22 A caller reported suspicious males walking through her backyard with a crow bar and a shovel. The men were town employees following a sewage line.
04/28/22 Police respond to Nova Dr. to retrieve garbage that a bear took into the woods.
04/29/22 Police humanely discharge a sick raccoon on Mine Hill Rd.
04/29/22 Police and Fire Depts respond to Highland Ave for a fire. Three families affected and Red Cross was contacted for assistance.
05/02/22 A caller reported that people moving into a home on Hickory Ave. were making loud noises.
05/04/22 A caller reported larceny of dresser and mirror off of her porch on Main St.
05/06/22 Police take a report of larceny. A wallet with a license and credit cards was stolen from a vehicle overnight. A charge was attempted at Home Depot in Harriman.
05/06/22 Police take a report of larceny. A wallet was stolen from a vehicle overnight and a charge was attempted at Home Depot in Harriman.
05/06/22 Police take a report of larceny. A taser and power inverter were stolen from a vehicle.
05/06/22 Police take a report of larceny. $50 in cash and multiple bottles of cologne were stolen from a vehicle.
05/08/22 Police respond to Rt 32 for a deceased pitbull dog in the roadway. Dog’s owner was there to collect the body.
05/08/22 Police and Vails Gate Fire Dept respond to Clara Ave. for a gas can n fire and extinguish the fire.
05/08/22 A caller reported a possible burglary in progress and said he heard noises like someone trying to enter his home on Roe Ave. and it turned out to be a bird flying into the front door.
05/11/22 A caller reported that her ex boyfriend took her family’s rifle.
05/13/22 Police dispatch a deer humanely which was injured after a vehicle accident on Rt 32.
05/13/22 Police dispatch a sick raccoon humanely on Angola Rd.


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