Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
May 13, 2021
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Police Blotter: January 18-31, 2021

February 05, 2021

Town of Cornwall Police Blotter
January 18-31, 2021



01/18/21 A caller reported criminal mischief at Munger Cottage.
01/19/21 An employee for the Water Dept. found a 2 year old wearing just a diaper and a t-shirt wandering the street on Harris Lane. The child’s mother was located and the child was returned home.
01/19/21 A subject on Deer Hill Rd was bitten by a Pit Bull while taking a walk.
01/20/21 An unknown person made entry into a residence on Broadway. Security cameras at a neighbor confirmed that there was an unknown subject at the rear of the building.
01/21/21 A caller reported seeing a 2 yr old sitting behind a wheel of a vehicle in a parking lot.
01/21/21 A caller stated that a male was sitting outside his residence taking photos and then became hostile when approached by the caller. The caller ran in to Cumberland to contact Police.
01/21/21 Police take a report of larceny from a subject on Main St.
01/23/21 A subject reported fraud. Someone filed for social security under the caller’s number. The number was used for a fraudulent unemployment claim.
01/25/21 A caller reported fraud. The caller received a call yesterday thinking it was the caller’s bank and proceeded to give out personal information.
01/26/21 A subject reported fraud. Someone filed a fraudulent unemployment claim.
01/27/21 A subject reported fraud. Subject received a letter for a $2800 charge at Saks in MD.
01/28/21 A subject reported fraud. Someone filed a fraudulent unemployment claim.
01/30/21 A subject reported a low hanging wire on 9W by the overpass on Willow. Wire condition rectified and insulation hanging in roadway also removed by officer.
01/31/21 Police advise people ice skating on the Pond of current No skating signs.


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