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October 01, 2023
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General Outdoors: What Is the Moodna Watershed?

Moodna Watershed Map
Moodna Watershed Map
October 12, 2006

This Saturday, Ed McGowan, the head scientist of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission, is leading a hike to experience the biodiversity of the Moodna Creek watershed. The term "Moodna watershed" gets tossed around a lot, so we asked Simon Gruber, coordinator of the Moodna Watershed Coalition, to explain. Here's what he said:

"The Moodna Creek is one of the largest rivers in Orange County, NY, and drains almost one fourth of the county. An important tributary of the Hudson River, the Moodna is identified in the County’s Open Space Plan as a Selected Priority Watershed, and the Creek is designated by NY State as “irreplaceable” Significant Coastal Fish and Wildlife Habitat.

The Nature Conservancy and the Highlands Coalition have also recognized the critical importance of conserving habitat and open space in the Moodna watershed. This is the only major watershed located entirely within the county (other watersheds, such as the Wallkill and Ramapo, extend into adjoining counties and states.)

The Moodna Watershed Coalition was formed in 2004 to protect water quality, habitat and open space in the watershed. A watershed plan is being developed by the Orange County Water Authority with support from the Coalition, the Orange County Planning Department, and other partners with funding from the Hudson River Estuary Program."

For more information, contact Simon Gruber, Coordinator of the Moodna Watershed Coalition, at 845-534-5622 or [email protected]

The map of the Moodna watershed was created by Kelly Dobbins, Orange County Department of Planning.


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