Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
February 05, 2023
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Police Blotter: November 14-December 4, 2022

December 09, 2022

Town of Cornwall Police Blotter
November 14-December 4, 2022



11/16/22 Clarence Hulzenga, age 46, of Highlands, NY was arrested on a bench warrant.
11/26/22 Quentin X Swain, age 36, of Monroe, NY was arrested and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the 1st and 2nd degree and DWI.

11/07/22 Police respond to a fire on Main St. A business owner was burning cardboard and pressure treated wood and was advised.
11/07/22 Police assist Fire Dept with a fire on Route 218.
11/08/22 Police take a report of a deer vs vehicle on Harold Ave.
11/09/22 Police take a report of theft of service after a taxi driver was not paid.
11/09/22 Police respond to a 2 vehicle accident on Quaker Ave.
11/09/22 Police respond to a car vs deer accident and remove deceased deer from the roadway.
11/10/22 Police assist Woodbury Police with a serious accident on Rt 32 and close down the road for clearance.
11/10/22 Police take a report of a car vs deer accident on Rt 32 no injuries.
11/10/22 Police respond to a vehicle fire on Mountain Rd. and 9W
11/10/22 Police respond to 2 loose husky dogs found and dogs are taken to a kennel after no information was found on their microchips. Owner later called Police then was reunited with the dogs.
11/12/22 Police respond to Quaker Ave for a 2 vehicle accident with injuries.
11/12/22 A caller reported fraud. She gave $25,000 in cash to someone that told her that her grandson needed cash bail after being arrested for a DWI. A courier went to her house and she gave them the cash.
11/12/22 Police respond to a motorcycle accident on Rt 218.
11/16/22 Police remove a deceased deer blocking the roadway on Rt 32.
11/19/22 A caller reported that someone was having a loud conversation in the Cornwall library parking lot. The caller also added that if she didn't like the fact that the Police arrived on the scene then she should take her car, phone and loud conversation back to the Town of Newburgh instead of the Cornwall Public library.
11/21/22 A caller reported fraud after an unknown person opened a Paypal  account in her name. The caller also reported the fraud to Paypal, Synchrony Bank and all three credit bureaus.
11/21/22 Police respond to a report of unauthorized use of a vehicle.
11/23/22 Police respond to a residence for a neighbor dispute. The caller stated that a pipe was tampered with on her property and clogged causing 2k in damage. She then found trash on her property with quickcrete bags and mail with a name on it was left with the garbage. Police took body camera footage which can be used in a court case.
11/23/22 Police respond to New Windsor for a hunting rifle target practicing complaint.
11/26/22 Police and several Fire Depts respond to a house fire on Beakes Rd. The home, garage and several vehicles sustained damage. All occupants of the home were able to escape without harm.  The cause is thought to be lithium batteries both on charge in the rear of the garage. 
11/27/22 A subject reported fraud. She stated that someone texted her claiming to be from H at her company and asked her to go several stores and purchase apple gift cards totaling 5k on her company American Express card. She did so and did not realize until the next day when she was asked to do it again that it was a scam. 
11/28/22 A caller reported larceny from a vehicle. A catalytic converter was stolen from under his car. 
11/29/22 The water Dept picked up a loose dog on Boulevard and taken to Walden. The owner called and was given the Town Clerk's number to recover the dog.
12/01/22 A caller reported fraud after he sent $200 in checks to a company telling him that his cousin left him $18,000 and that all he would have to do is send checks to a company for filing and paperwork fees.
12/04/22 A caller reported criminal mischief after a driver hit a basketball hoop in front of their home and then got out to check for damage and kicked over a Christmas tree decoration in their yard.
12/04/22 MTA reported that a young male stated that he was just assaulted on their property by a group of other juveniles. 


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