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Welcome to Connect: Your Ally Online. Developed to provide relevant web design tools, Connect has been enabling New York and New Jersey small businesses by doing two very important things exceedingly well:
  • Providing management of ALL the content on your web site with simple, web-based administration
  • Proactively market to your customers with e-newsletters
The demo you are about to see is the bare bones Connect backend. It includes many of the capabilities of the full model, without the encumberance of any sense of style. Demo the ability to add new categories, sections, and an unlimited amount of subpages. Also graphic files including jpegs and gifs, plus downloadable pdfs. It also allows you to build and deliver electronic marketing materials to a database of email recipients, and more. To get started with the demo, simply complete the form to the left, and discover Connect: Your Ally Online.

To see examples of Connect sites put to use in the real world, and to see all the diverse designs we have already created, please visit our portfolio.