Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
September 21, 2020
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Police Blotter: July 06-19, 2020

July 22, 2020

Town of Cornwall Police Blotter
July 06-19, 2020




07/06/20 Police assist Highway Dept while they pave the roadway.
07/06/20 Shooting-turned over to State Police.
07/08/20 Police respond to Boulevard for trees and wires down across the road and a pole broken. Village Fire Dept dispatched along with Highway Dept.
07/09/20 Police found subjects in the roadway and offered courtesy transport.
07/10/20 Police and Highway Dept respond to trees down on Boulevard and also Mineral Springs Rd.
07/11/20 Police move a deceased cat off of Rt 94.
07/11/20 Police respond to Old Mineral Springs Rd. for barrier signs that were thrown over the embankment.
07/11/20 Police and Central Hudson respond for power lines down on Hasbrouck Ave.
07/12/20 Police advise Highway Dept of a small tree down on Waterview Terrace.
07/12/20 Police take a report of identity theft that someone used the complainants identity to borrow $20,000 from a Credit union in Virginia.
07/12/20 Police reposed to a complaint of a black SUV hitting the gate that closes Rt 218 on Highland side. Cornwall side secure.
07/13/20 A caller reported that an unknown person rang their doorbell and took a photo of their door at night and then left.
07/13/20 Police take a report of fraud. A retired person got a call from her former boss that someone just filed for unemployment in her name and the boss had 4 other employees having the same issue. She was advised that the claim was denied.
07/14/20 A complainant got an email from the Cornwall School District that her information was used by an unknown person to file for unemployment benefits.
07/15/20 Police dispatch a sick groundhog humanely on Sands Ring Drive.
07/15/20 Police take a report of new graffiti on Rt 218 after old graffiti was removed from rocks.
07/16/20 Police take a complaint regarding assault. The complainant did not wish to press charges.
07/18/20 A subject reported illegal dumping of a TV on their property line.
07/18/20 Police respond to a loose down on Rt 94. The brown black and white border collie ran into the woods between Dragon Dr and rt 94. Police received a second call that the dog was on Rt 94 north but Police were unable to locate the dog.


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