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February 21, 2019
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General News: Notes from the Town Board Work Session

February 07, 2018

Cornwall Town Board
Work Session Meeting 02/07/18
By Hannah Comitz

John McCarey-County Assessing Program:
John McCarey came to talk to the board about the number of workers in Cornwall. He wanted to stress that the contract would not take jobs away from current town Clerks. Mr. McCarey provided the board with useful tips to help abide by the state regulations. He explained some of the requirements the town must follow in hiring workers. The board said that this is a quality program but they wanted to make sure that no one was being laid off. McCarey assured the board that they can make the contracts however they want, so no one necessarily has to be fired unless they do not meet the requirements for that job. Some employees might become county employees if there is an overflow of workers. The county provides an assessor and existing town employees will fill the needed positions. This program will provide an exact breakdown of pricing for assessors and employees. This contract would be a three year term, but there is room for adjustment. The board said it just takes an analysis of what the town has versus what the county is willing to provide with this program before making a decision. This could possibly take effect in 2019.

Cable Franchise Agreement:
The board is in the same place as last month. They have not heard back from the franchise’s legal department.

Mutual Aid for Supplemental Police Assistance Agreement:
The chief and the board have been speaking. The board wants this more then just a policy so it is something substantial to fall back on.

Property Tax Exemption:
The town wants to raise the income limit for the first time in a decade. Originally the income was $23,999 or less now. The new income exemption will be $29,000 or less.

Tax Exemption-Cold War Veterans:
The board is going to draft a local law and have a public hearing to get this ready for next year.

New Windsor Volunteer Ambulance Corps ALS Service:
A few board members meant with the ambulance company and the company is requesting that they are the primary ALS service provider for Cornwall.

Shamrock Tavern- State Liquor License/Woodys Farm to Table- State Liquor License:
This is just a renewal for the board to agree to and comment any problems. The board said they have not had any issues with the establishment and agree to the renewal.

Wading Pool Refurbishment:
The fiberglass was damaged again in the fall. The board needs the engineer to get a bid and said a new adhesive epoxy may last longer.

Verizon Cell Tower- Antenna/Radio Upgrades:
There is no change to the compound itself, just adjustment to the antenna for aesthetic purposes.

Little League Request- Use of Fields:
The league wants to host some camps at the fields. Frozen Ropes is organizing these. This has been done in years prior, so the board is granting these requests.

Letter Regarding Parking-Adjacent Property Highway Garage:
There were disputes over parking with employees but they have been mostly resolved.

2018 CDBG Municipal Agreement- Project: ADA Improvements to Ballfields:
The board wants to get this down before the season starts.

Police Department- Vehicle Purchase:
The budget allows for one vehicle replacement this year.

Personnel: Recreation Position:
A proposal was presented for a full time position in recreation instead of just a part time employee. The board wants to create full time positions and eliminate part time positions. This will allow for more recreation programs to be made.


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