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May 24, 2019
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General News: Notes from the Oct BOE Meeting

November 08, 2018

Board of Education Meeting 10/29/18
By Casey Regenbaum

Public Comments;
Jackie Keegan expressed concerns with the management of the school lunches. She mentioned the shortage of the lunches of the day by the last lunch period, and other health issues. The board members understood where she was coming from, and ensured her that they will look into it.

The board would like the public to know that they listened to the previous complaints about bathrooms in the schools throughout the district. Many of the board members walked through all of these bathrooms, and they did find that they are all well kept and operational, however they still would like to look into concerns with the infrastructure. The members all agree that the tours of the bathrooms were eye opening, and it might be a good idea to come up with solutions as a community, and possibly receive a grant in order to do so.

OCSBA Margaret Quinn;
At the last meeting, there was a presentation regarding transgender awareness. There will also be a meeting coming up where numerous schools are invited to come and discuss steam.

Superintendent’s Report- Mr. Miller;
Governor Cuomo named this week the School Board recognition week. Mr. Miller took this time to celebrate the Board of Education as a group of young individuals who work extremely dedicated to our community and students. Mr. Miller expressed great appreciation for the time and energy that each of the nine board members put into the district. Each member will receive two complimentary tickets to the CCHS fall production, Clue: On Stage, as well as a gift certificate from Jones’ Farm.

Student Representative Reports;
Jessica Wu and Greg Moretto introduced themselves and will be the student representatives for this school year. They gave reports for each school throughout the district for the month of October.
On Saturday, Willow Avenue hosted the first Fall Fest where the children enjoyed games and crafts. Many field trip experiences were taken throughout the month of October as well.
At COH, the PTO hosted their first Scholastic Book Fair. Students were given the opportunity to showcase their classrooms to their grandparents. Additionally, the children got to learn about fire safety and see the inside of a firetruck. The annual Halloween Parade is set for October 31st.

At Cornwall Elementary School, Dan Gutman came to talk to the second, third, and fourth graders. All are looking forward to the Halloween Parade.

The PTO will be hosting the annual Red Carpet Gala for the eighth graders at Cornwall Central Middle School.

At Cornwall Central High School, progress reports have been released on the parent and student portals. Fall athletics have been very impressive. Varsity boys soccer defeated Minisink 3-0 to win the Section Title. Math team took both first and second place at their meet.

The blood drive took place for grades 10-12.

Students and faculty were active across the board for Breast Cancer Awareness.

Greg and Jessica suggested a virtual suggestion box, in which students can send in various types of feedback. This would help them discuss reasonable issues with the Board.

Committee Reports;
Visitation Committee is working on setting up various dates with schools starting in November.

The Communications Committee intends on talking to the library regarding dates for the next outreach sessions because they were very successful.

The Board welcomed Brianna Lewis, the replacement sixth grade social studies teacher at Cornwall Central Middle School. She is a graduate from Cornwall, and SUNY New Paltz. The board expressed a lot of excitement for her joining the Cornwall teaching staff.

Voting Venue Change
Kimberly did research and found that the board is able to determine a voting venue other than school district buildings that is satisfactory to the voters. The Board agreed to explore different voting venues for the district votes apart from school district buildings. It is a disruption to students during the day in the school building. If the voting venue were to change, security is an important measure that would need to be considered.
In regards to the vote itself, the board members all seem to agree that the next most important step is figuring out how to fund the issues with the bond vote and throughout the district.


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