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April 22, 2019
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General News: Notes from the Oct Village Board Meeting

October 20, 2018

Village of Cornwall Business Meeting, 10/15/18
By Casey Regenbaum

Competitive bidding
The general municipal law was recently amended which allows the board to piggyback on other bids. The bidders have to be on notice that the bids are open to any municipality. You are allowed to piggyback on federal contracts, and it will not be mandatory. Coyne made a motion to give a negative declaration and it will be discussed in an executive session.

Monthly Department Reports
Treasurer: Warrant #10; Annual Supply Bids: 11/8/18;
Tax books close for the year in October. Debt service will kick in for next year in the next bill with a major jump.

Storm King Fire Department
A new siren has been mounted and is operational. The testing for the bailout system was completed with additional hose testing completed. $15,600 was granted for the removal of the garage doors because when it floods it causes significant damage.

Police Department
There was a total of 341 calls for service. Many officers attended the raise the age training at the 9/11 in Goshen

Public Works Department
Mowing and trimming of public properties took place. Sweeping of streets, black patching, as well as fall bulk cleanup is in progress starting the week of October 15th. Trash and recycling totals were not available until next meeting.
Maple road will be repaved the week of the 24th.

Water Department
The monthly and quarterly samples all passed state standards.

To accept bid on boiler at Catskill Water Treatment Plant;
They have not yet received the other two bids. By the next meeting there will be a complete list of the bids.

To adopt sexual harassment policy 
Coyne would like to discuss with the board before approving.

To approve updated solid waste agreement (Taylor) 
Things have changed but most of the agreement is the same. The date is extended until April of 2021, December 2014 is the date that it was originally supposed to be operational.

To schedule 11/19/18 Public hearing on property maintenance issue 
The property located at 12 Payson road is a threat to the health safety and general welfare of the community. It is further resolved that the board hold a public hearing at 7pm on November 29th at Village Hall to decide whether it should be affirmed, modified, or vacated.

To approve Run for Cancer Research 
All insurance is covered. It is approved for October 27th.

Run for Ghana Wells: 6/15/19
All trustees are in favor. It is too early to know about insurance.

To schedule Public Hearing regarding parking on Cherry and Duncan avenues
There will be a meeting at 7pm at village Hall on November 19th to consider the environmental impacts of no parking areas on Cherry Ave and Duncan Ave. It is difficult for fire companies to have their vehicles go up and down these streets. The streets were measured in order to create this resolution.

To request exemption from county taxes on water properties for 2020 
This is an annual resolution that hopes to ensure taxpayers are not hurt.

To waive garbage fee for a village business 
This subject has been brought up a number of times. Village officials all seem to agree that the garbage fees can be waived for Dr. Laura Stein on Hudson Street. This is a unique situation that would not be seen for other businesses. However, this resolution will have to wait until they look at all of the issues.

To appoint Deputy Village Clerk
There has been a temporary situation that could not be done until the deputy clerk officially resigned which was September 24th. The salary is to be determined, which is for the board to determine. She would get the deputy clerk base salary.

To set village election for 3/19/19 
The village election will be held March 19th, 2019 between noon and 9pm. The following office will be elected for term: Mayor for two years and two trustees each for two years as well.

Other Business
Water Dept: Superintendent: Transition;
Retirement date of the superintendent is October 26th.

Black Rock Water Treatment Plant;
Taylor Road Water Treatment Plant:
Black Rock has come up with the solution to put an underdrain and the man who is running the project is very familiar with the materials and the engineers they should be using. They should be able to get about 25-30 years from this. The project is moving along quickly and should have a response very shortly.

Maser bills, bids, lawsuit;
They have a bid on the Taylor road property. Four bids were received. Each had a breakdown of 22 items. There were some concerns on how some of the things we're bid out. After investigating, CFI is the overall lowest bidder and they recommend awarding it to them.

Cedar Lane;
The village looked into what has to be done to help people who still have the private lines. It would be alot of money and there will be further discussions about it.

Lunch for Bob June;
There will be a lunch for Bob June this coming Monday to celebrate his time with the village.

PBA Negotiations;
This will be discussed in the executive session.

Comprehensive Plan Committee: 10/25/18;
The comprehensive plan committee will be be meeting on October 25th, 2018.

Article 7 Proceeding;
There is a conference coming up before the end of the month for the assessment of Article 7.

Solar and Lighting laws;
Solar- The board wants to make it more user friendly and easier to track. They will work on a final draft for that.
Lighting law- There are additional changes that will have to go through the planning board, then go out to Orange county for their comments. Next meeting in November they will announce a public meeting in December.

Bulk pickup: 10/15/18;
Today started the bulk pickup. Very grateful for the scavengers who are saving the taxpayers money.
Trees for Tribs: 10/13/18;
There are more trees and shrubs being put in on Dockhill Road. The trustees are very grateful for those people who worked on this.

Storm Surge Barriers and Hudson River
It is agreed that storm surge barriers would be detrimental to the Hudson River.

National Heritage Project: 9/21/18 meeting
This meeting took place with people from both land trusts (Hudson highland and Orange county) to focus on what's important in the town and the village.

Vehicle & Traffic Law Signs:
Cliffside Park, Wood Avenue. Public works superintendent is checking on these laws.

Moody’s rating
This is something the town simply cannot afford, it is too expensive.

Quiet Zone
The study started in February and recently the cost of the project is extremely high, nearly a million dollars. Additionally, there would be annual charges for maintenance.

10/13/18: Village Yard Sale
It was not rained out. The randazzo's landscaping put out flowers in the spring and prepared them for the fall. Coyne expressed great appreciation for that on behalf of the rest of the board.

Hazardous Waste: 11/3/18
There will be another opportunity to get rid of chemicals and paint that are not water based on November 3rd.


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