Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
April 22, 2019
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Police Blotter: October 8-14, 2018

October 18, 2018

Town of Cornwall Police Blotter
October 8-14, 2018



10/08/18 Hasaan S. Faucher-Dasher, age 25, of Newburgh, NY was arrested and charged with DWI, ability impaired by drugs and unlawful possession of marijuana .
10/10/18 A 53 yr old female from Port Jervis, NY was arrested and charged with suspended registration.
10/11/18 Nicole K Purdy, age 23, of Cornwall, NY was arrested and charged with a bench warrant.
10/12/18 Anne E Damico, age 39, of Central Valley, NY was arrested and charge with DWI and an aggravated driving charge.

10/09/18 Police respond to Nova dr for a report of a bear in the yard. Police observe damage to a chicken coop and advise owners of bear attractions in the yard.
10/10/18 Police respond to Rt. 94 for an injured deer with 2 broken legs and dispatch the deer humanely.
10/10/18 Police dispatch an injured raccoon for humane reasons.
10/10/18 Police respond to a residence on Angola Rd for a report of larceny. Several political signs were taken from the property.
10/10/18 Police respond to Muser Dr. for a report of larceny. A large 5k race banner and a few smaller signs were stolen from the property.
10/10/18 Police and COVAC respond to Highland Trail for a report of an elderly male who collapsed on the trail and transfer him to the Hospital.
10/12/18 Police and Central Hudson respond to Long Hill Rd for wires down on a school bus. Central Hudson cut power and Police assisted students off of the bus.
10/13/18 A resident on Main St wanted it documented that 2 pumpkins were smashed. Police unable to locate suspects.
10/14/18 Police dispatch a raccoon that was sitting on a front lawn for 2 days.


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