Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
June 16, 2019
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General News: Notes from the Town Board Work Session

August 19, 2018

Cornwall Town Board Work Session Meeting 08/06/18
By Hannah Comitz

Pennings Farm 1025 Route 94 Property:
Two people presented their idea for an outdoor recreational facility. There is a property that is about ten acres that the couple would like to use. They wish to make a family fun park area with a place for family games. They mainly wanted a pickleball court because there are no well maintained courts in the area. They would like a retail shop and food area. The couple would try to repurpose the existing structures. They wanted to ask the board if this would be something that Cornwall residents would be interested in. This will also bring jobs to the area. They were considering adding a dog park as well. They want the town to consider a zoning change to make this project possible.

OCDOH-Larviciding of Catch Basins:
They have already started work in the middle of July and they will continue through October.

CCMS 5K Color Run:
This event is now called the Family Fun Run and has been changed to a 1.5k. This will be taking place on September 29th.

ECheck Processor Service Agreement:
The receiver of taxes will eventually use a new more modern way of collecting checks.

“Raise the Age” Legislation:
On October 1st, a youth section of the court was created for processing 16 and 17 year old offenders. New training will be available for this change.

Rockland Paramedic Serviced Letter:
This organization wants the board to support them as a provider in this area. Currently there is discussion on if New Windsor is the main ALS provider.

Agreement for Engineering Services:
Engineering services have been chosen for the Town Hall window replacement project. Decisions have also been made for making the Town Hall handicap accesible in the rear entrance.

Vehicle GPS Proposals:
One of the proposals is $24 per vehicle per month for a permanent GPS. The plug in ones are $14. There are 26 vehicles and they want a more hard wire option. They will ask more questions and decide on a proposal. This will allow the town to track trucks and other vehicles for safety in emergency situations. And will allow the town to track other town trucks like sanitation and maintenance.

Rings Pond:
After the Fourth of July celebration some one sent a letter in concern about its condition. They have to add chemicals to help clean it up that don’t harm the fish or birds. They estimate $3,500 for next year because it is too late to apply for permits now. The person that brought attention to this issue will raise money to help pay.

The board hopes to go out to bid in January or February for the bridge construction. The bridge in Willow ave will be the first one replaced. They plan to replace most of the bridges in town. They have $21 million available to improve the bridges.

Police Traffic Services Program Grant:
A grant of $4,270 had been given for this program, which is coming up in the fall.

Public Comment:
The 218 cleanup is going to take place on October 21st.


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