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February 21, 2019
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General News: Notes from the Town Board Work Session

July 12, 2018

Cornwall Town Board Work Session Meeting 07/02/18

By Hannah Comitz

Sauer and Puglisi Letter re Farm Product Sales:
This letter was written regarding the farm stand on the highway. A fatal accident occurred where a women crashed in to the back of another car pulling out from the farm stand. A large crowd showed up to this meeting to watch Marty Sauer defend his stand on Route 32. He started his stand in 1987 and relies on this stand for a living. Some people blamed Marty’s stand for creating extra traffic. The board welcomed Marty’s stand into Cornwall instead of along the highway. The board believes the Police Chief will uphold his decision from last year because of the dangerous situation. Marty was clearly distressed with this decision. The board suggested that he gets a stand at the farmers market and possibly using a place in town. The board said they will try to help him put up signs to draw attention to his new location. The board says if he acquires land on route 32 the situation could be reviewed. The permit that he has to sell items does not specify where he can sell. A member said the the Chamber of Commerce could help him find another spot.

Cornwall Walk/Run for Cancer:
This event is on Saturday, October 27th at 9:30am. The organization will need the police to help block off the route.

SAM Grant- Improvements to Town Hall, Recreation Facilities and Senior Center:
The board has plans to black top pave the areas around the little league fields and to fix the back entrance of Town Hall to make it more handicap accessible. Thanks to the grant from Senator Larkin, these projects can move forward.

Jackson Ave/Route 94 Signal:
The board is working with the Senators to get this light put in because it is greatly needed for the safety of the community.

Proposal- Security Cameras Highway Garage:
Adding cameras will make this area safer and allow for less dumping behind the building. A member also mentioned possibly putting cameras on the 218 lookout but the town does not own that property, so cameras can not be put up without going through the state.

Intermunicipal Agreement- Firthcliffe Heights Sewer District:
This is a 40 year renewal of this intermunicipal agreement. This agreement could end up being cheaper then the last time it was renewed.

Greater Cornwall Chamber of Commerce- 3rd Annual Car Show:
All procedes from this event will go to Cornwall first responders. The event is on September 2nd and the rain date is September 3rd. Hudson street will be closed during the event.

Softball Fields ADA Improvements:
The bid is on August 4th and hopefully the fields will be ready for next season.

Public Comment:
A member of the public said there are other businesses the same distance from the road as Marty’s stand. The public member was wondering if there was a compromise for the board to go to the DOT and ask about reducing the speed in that area overall.


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