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March 25, 2019
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General News: Notes from the Village Board Meeting

May 30, 2018

Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Board of Trustees Business Meeting
May 21, 2018
By Hannah Comitz

Solar moratorium:
This law sets a four month moratorium on new instillations of solar panels. This law prevents people from installing or applying for these solar systems except for roof mounting systems on residential sites. This is to prevent unplanned consequences and control how the solar systems are installed, not to stop solar panels over all.

Riverfront Fees:
The fees will not be raised this year but next year the fee may increase.

Salute to Senator Larkin:
Senator Larkin is a village resident and Mayor Coyne wants to honor this prominent member of the community. Mayor Coyne will send out a proclamation of Senator Larkin’s retirement and how he has helped this area. The board commented on his quick actions and how he always responded well under any circumstance. He has been very helpful to the police and fire company. Mr. Kane said thank you to Mr. Larkin for his military service and his almost forty years of service to this county. Senator Larkin will be remembered for his strong positive leader.

Comprehensive Plan Committee:
This committee is meeting on May 24th.

River Keeper Sweep:
The River Keeper Sweep was held on May 5th and all the schools were represented in the area. There was a huge turn out and there was about 75 people helping pick up trash.

Village Website and Dock Hill Road Slope:
Mayor Coyne met with cadets this month and the reports are available for anyone to look at. The website is also moving along and an intern from Mount Saint Mary has been a huge help.

Orange County Rowing Association:
The board approved this request for the scrimmage with NFA on May 22nd at DMP.

Ethics Board:
This is a reorganization meeting for the board. The tentative meeting date is on May 24th.

Memorial Day Parade:
The parade is set for May 28th and the town is excited about the event. The parade starts at 10am.

State- Mandated Cancer Benefit for Volunteer Firefighters:
Mike Trainor is working with the Village Clerk, Jeanne Mahoney, on this topic.

Summer Recreation Program:
The program runs from July 5th to August 10th.

Lot Line Change Request:
This change was requested by Laurie Alfonso. The board walked 9 Colonial Place and by looking on the map the owner was already using the piece of property in question. There seems to be no clear objections. A board member guessed that the owners want to sell their home but the end of their drive way is on Village property. The owners wanted to change the markers on this small piece. This change would not alter the layout of anything important. The board suggested that they respond with no objections as long as they go through the proper stages to make the change.

Historic Marker:
The village historian is getting a historical marker to remember Cornwall’s important past at the Cornwall Landing.

Opioid Crisis:
Many of these issues start from drugs found in medicine cabinets. The website, is working to urge people to get rid of dangerous medications that are not in use.

Historic Village Property:
A property on Shore road has been found to be historic. Historians Kathleen Christensen and MaryAnn O’Dell have been working to identify the home’s past and why it is important to save.

The Storm:
Mayor Coyne thanked the fire department and the other workers who were able to clear the situation as fast as possible. The board believed that Central Hudson acted fast and did well prioritizing. There was not a single call for the fire department through 911 so the department is looking into if people just didn’t need help or if there was an issue in communication. The department drove around and helped clean up the situation. David Carnright said due to the damage in the gymnasium of the middle school, the gym floor and sections of the roof will have to be replaced.

Placemaking Tour:
The board is developing a Placemaking tour on June 9th that aims to stress the importance of the town’s development to the residences and the history of the town.

River Fest:
The festival is on June 2nd.

Food Bank Reception:
The reception was an amazing opportunity to thank volunteers. It was on May 10th and it was a great event.

Fourth of July Committee:
The board said that the dates are believed to be on June 13th and June 27th at 7pm in Munger Cottage.


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