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March 25, 2019
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General News: Notes from the Town Board Meeting

May 21, 2018

Cornwall Town Board
By Hannah Comitz

A hearing for an unsafe building on 40 Paradise Hill is on the 14th. The hearing is in regards to the unsafe building being removed after sustaining heavy damage by a fallen tree.

Approval of Minutes:
On April 2 there is a special meeting. On April 9th there is regular meeting. On April 27 there is a Bid Opening.

Joan Cusack-McGuirk SlCH Overview:
Joan Cusack presented to the board the changes occurring in the town hospital.
The board of the hospital decided to merge and now have a large budget and many employees. The hospital treats over a thousand people in emergencies. Albert Einstein School Of Medicine has a program in the hospital so Cornwall has new drugs and treatments available, which bring people to this area. On the Cornwall campus they promote wellness. Transcending to a wellness center, the hospital will have a Chronic disease treatment center so the youth of this area embrace their health and look for prevention options. Cornwall is also increasing physical therapy at this campus. With this new combination system they are keeping the care locally in Cornwall and in Newburgh. Open access primary care and extended primary care are possible additions in the future depending on funding and if the $12 million grant is given to the hospital. At the Cornwall campus there are multiple treatments such as sleep, lab, pain management, physical therapy, primary care and much more. All these reasons are why the parking lot is always full.

Carley Nielsen Art Gallery Exhibit Request:
The request for a food truck at her event was passed and the gallery show will be on June 16th.

Cornwall Chamber Events:
The Cornwall Goes Green Recycle Day was approved for June 9th 9am-12pm.
And the music at the park will take place throughout summer until August 12th from 6:30pm-8pm.

Electronic Drop Off Day:
A company will come and pick up these electronics easily for $4,000. This proposal was approved.

Wastewater treatment Plant Sludge Line Resolution:
They started work on it right away and it will cost $30,000 and the DEC was notified. The project is 65% complete.

OC Intermunicipal Agreement:
The motion for the agreement of intermunicipal support was approved.

Sands Ring Cemetery Tree Trimming:
Funds provided from trust fund will go towards trimming and removing dead trees. This project will also need volunteers to come help. The board hoped to develop a plan which will enlighten people on the historical significance of the cemetery.
On June 3rd there is an open house at the Sands Ring Homestead from 1:30pm-3pm to show the donated and purchased rose bushes. Nine classes of fourth grade students were able to go to the homestead and experience what life was like in Cornwall many years ago.

Resolution- “SAM” Grant for Improvements to Town Hall, Town Recreation Facilities and Senior Center:
Senator Larkin obtained a grant for the town for this project. This resolution will allow work to begin with the contractor to replace windows, handicap entrances and replace blacktop pavement at recreational areas. The board appreciates Senator Larkin helping Cornwall receive this grant.

Black Rock Bass Buster Annual Fishing Derby:
The derby is always an annual event which the community looks forward to. The event is on June 16th and the rain date is on June 17th. Registration is at 8am and the event begins 9am.

Main Street:
The town has been discussing economics and will meet with an architect to discuss changes to the face of Main Street.

Sheldon Street:
There have been drainage issues for a while on Sheldon street. The board recently had the area surveyed and now will have the engineers draw up a plan so it is shovel ready if a grant becomes available.

Talent Show:
On June 1st there will be a talent show at 11:30am at Munger Cottage. Food will be served after the show.

Senator Larkin:
Senator Larkin recently announced his retirement and the board would like to hold something or put a notice out to celebrate his great public service over the years. The whole board agreed that he has always been there for this town.

Other Announcements:
There is no farmers market on May 23rd.


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