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March 22, 2019
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General News: Notes from the Town of Cornwall Board Meeting

May 05, 2018

Cornwall Town Board
Monday, April 9th
By Hannah Comitz

Resolution-OCCD Block Grant Program FY-2019:
The board is going to apply for funding for handicap improvements on sidewalks. The town has also been approved for improvements to the little league fields involving handicap accessibility.

Resolution-Charter Communications Cable Franchise Agreement:
The Public hearing is set for May 14th at 7pm.

MTA Letter Re: Monopoles:
The county is investing over $20 million to update and perfect this radio system to communicate during disasters or other dangerous conditions. It will also better communication between emergency personal.

NYSDOT Jackson Ave and Route 94 Traffic Light:
The board has encouraged the county to include this in the funding and the regional director responded in a letter. The director understands the importance of this light.
On the topic of roads, 9W will be paved and they are looking into reducing the speed limit.

Compensatory Time Utilization:
This time must be used within a month that it has been earned. There needs to be a time limit because it could adversely affect operations.

Resolution- Unsafe Building- 40 Paradise Hill:
The board and town members want this structure removed because it is unsafe after a large tree fell down and crushed it. The hearing is on May 14th.

Resolution- Arbor Day and Tree Planting- Cornwall Garden Club:
There will be a tree planting at 2pm on April 22nd at the Sands Ring homestead.
The board is proud that Cornwall has been an official “USA Town” regarding trees for many years.

Hudson Valley NABA- Use Senior Field:
The board did not approve this request because it is not an official town event or town sponsored team.

Sands Ring Cemetery- Initial Foundation Funds:
There is a Sands Ring Cemetery off of Main Street and a trust fund was left by the family to allow the town to make improvements to this historic area. The board agrees it is a great project to get involved in and have funds available for.

Cornwall Democratic Committee- Community Cleanup Day:
This commuter requested the assistance form the town on July 13th to gather trash and other debris around the traffic circle.

Scott Letter- Request Outside Sewer Agreement:
The board wants a resolution that brings his property into the sewer district. It has been recommended that the property should no longer be an outside user. The property was not approved as an outside user despite the property owners wants. It is beneficial to be in the district because there is no premium and the service can not be taken away.

National Volunteer Week:
The board stressed how important volunteers are. From emergency personnel to Sands Ring homestead volunteers, the board is very thankful.

American Legion- Memorial Day Parade:
The parade starts at 10am and takes the normal route.

Resolution- Storm King Engine Fore Co. #2- 150th Anniversary:
The department was founded in 1868 and they have remained committed to serving the community through volunteer members since then.

Resolution- Change Order- Cornwall Sewage Treatment Plant Phase 1- 45 Day Time Extension:
The town board approved the time extension. The town has no choice because this device is obviously important and needs to be done correctly.

Personnel: 2017 Recreation Salaries/Fees; Training -DeputyTown Clerk; Resignation- Tree Warden:
The pools will close at 6pm during the summer. And the staff salaries were improved. The Tree Warden resigned after years in this position.

Mr. Summerfield:
NY511 provides updates for road conditions. A member also mentioned the possibility of putting a camera up on the mountain to tell the conditions on 9w.

Public Comment:
Brendan Carty spoke to the town board on behalf of residents of Hasbrook and Robert road. This area is at the base of ridge road and there has been drainage and flooding issues for years. Every year, each household pays a good amount of money to keep the water out of their homes. Carty stated that the vacant lot has been purchased but is worried because the trees on this lot allow for the absorption of water. They are deeply concerned that the flooding and drainage issues will become unbearable if these trees are taken away. The area turns to swamp land after a common rainstorm and this community is at its tipping point. They are afraid that irreversible damage will occur to their homes. This swamp land acts as a natural barrier that protects a densely populated area. He asks that the town board reevaluate this land for construction because it has most likely changed over the last 35 years. If their homes are devalued because of damage it could hurt the the town because of a lose of tax revenue. The town said to look into installing a drainage system in that street area. The community members seemed very upset after this meeting because of the lack of change during the last two years.


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