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April 22, 2019
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General News: Notes from the Oct. Town Board Meeting

October 15, 2018

Notes from the October Town Board Meeting
By Casey Regenbaum

Benefit Assessment Districts:
Number of parcel and unit of points of each district:
Cornwall Refuge District- 3450 Parcels 39,784 Units
Firthcliffe Heights Sewer District- 140 Parcels, 1658 Units
Firthcliffe Sewer District- 358 Parcels, 447 Units
Beaver Dam Lake Sewer District- 190 Parcels, 1909 Units
Majestic Sewer District-3 Parcels, 25 Units
Hidden Glen Drainage district- 14 Parcels, 14 Units
Main Street Parking District- 40 Parcels, 39 Units
Stone Hollow Drainage District- 29 Parcels, 29 Units

Nobody spoke at this public hearing about benefit assessment districts.

Local Law Vehicle and Traffic:
Mr. Randazzo read the notice which stated that proposed the local law of the year, entitled Local Law of Many Chapter 143, Town of Cornwall entitled vehicle and traffic. The Town of Cornwall and town board has determined that it is in the public's interest to enact the local law.
There is a petition submitted with 30 signatures calling for the return of the stop sign on Angola Road located at the traffic circle. There was also a parking restriction on Hudson street.

A man (Larry Silverman) lives on Hudson Street and complained to the town board that it was excessive for the board to restrict parking from that large of a space. He brought pictures to demonstrate his belief that there were no issues with visibility on this street. He did not feel it was necessary to have practically the entire road restricted for clearance.
Another woman expressed discomfort with the blind spots on Main Street. She does not think Hudson Street is more important than that.
The Chief of Police talked about a written complaint on the poor visibility on Hudson Street, which is why they restricted the parking.

Local Law Peddling and Soliciting
Steve Gaba gave a brief overview of the town code. It requires Peddler’s permits for anyone peddling on the streets. It currently has an exemption for anyone who has a license from the state of New York. This law would repeal this exemption, so even with a license from the state of New York, peddler’s require a permit. It also makes it more clear what is necessary to grant a permit.

Resolution: Benefit Assessment Districts
After the Town Hall reviewed all of the comments by the public, the town board does hereby adopt the 2018 Benefit Assessment District Rules as submitted.

Local Law Vehicle and Traffic
The Town Board does adopt the above local law. Based on the comments made at this meeting and on the petition submitted, the Board will consider whether or not they will amend this or postpone it. The board agreed to discuss the proposed amendment and announce a possible new public hearing in november.

Local Law Peddling and Soliciting
The Town Board will adopt the enact local law for the purpose of requiring local permits.

EDAC Policy Suggestions
One priority is to conduct a traffic survey of Main Street to quantify current state of traffic, ensure safety and free flow of traffic, encourage pedestrian friendly economics, and evaluate parking. The Board feels that having a professional come in to do this evaluation is a priority.
The committee would also like to expand the weekend events in the Main Street area and work with the greater chamber of commerce to do so. There is the possibility of a concert on weekends or the Farmers’ Market more than once a year. They also would like to create tourism partnerships for the economic development to move ahead on those items.
Mr. Russell questioned whether or not the traffic survey was worth the spending money, but other members argued that it would be useful to the town.

Proposal for Pond Treatment 2019
The Town agrees to enter an agreement with the pond and lake connection and authorize the supervisor execute the same. It would most likely be an annual treatment. Permits would be required.

Ad Hoc Committee Historical Museum Building
With a lot of backup data, they reported pros and cons of the various sites for the building. The research that is being done is available for anybody to see if they want.

No Shave November
The police officers have the option to participate in No Shave November in order to raise money for cancer awareness. The order that requires officers to be clean shaven will be suspended. Officers participating will be required to make a monetary donation of $20 to the American Cancer Society. On December 1st, normal grooming standards will be back in effect.

Demolition of Unsafe Structure 40 Paradise Road
The cost of this will be placed on the taxes for the property. The town had to do this because the building was considered beyond repair and in an unsafe condition. The property owner was not in a position to remove the unsafe building. The Yankee Company’s bid of $39,000 will be accepted.

Award Bid Town Hall Rear Entrance Accessible Improvements
This is through a grant from Senator Larkin. The engineer received two bids for the project. Based on current construction costs, the bids were deemed reasonable. The Town awards the above to Mallom Enterprises with the bid amount of $74,000.

Authorize Rebid Town Hall Window Replacement
No bids were received, therefore the town board authorized a rebid for the said town hall improvements.

Stone Hollow Subdivision Release Performance Security
The owner’s current request for the release of the performance security now recommends the town releases said performance security. The Town Board does release the performance security in the amount of $7,500. Based on the recommendations of the MAG the town board will withhold approval of dedication of the pump station until such time that public improvements have been installed.
Stone Hollow Subdivision Decrease Performance Security
The Town Board will reduce the amount of $557,315.11 be submitted to the attorney in the form of either cash or letter of credit for review and approval.

Bridge Street Bridge Update
The bridge has been closed to vehicle traffic since 2007. Eric Deniga, the commissioner of public works, reported in an email a process that could stabilize the bridge. Therefore, the town has decided that it will be closed to pedestrian traffic until a physical inspection of the bridge is done again. The report should be done by mid-November. A temporary chain-link fence will be installed as well in order to prevent kids from walking across the railing.

Roche Photo Inc- Photoshoot 
There will be a Cadillac photoshoot on Storm King highway. They would have a crew of 15 people who would be secured with assistance from State Police. They will hand deliver a check.

M&R Energy Proposal
This is for the electric supplier, a new agreement is necessary for the rate we obtain our electricity. The town will enter an agreement with a new rate of .06567 for a 24 month period with East Coast Power and Gas LLC.

Farmers Market- Vendor Appreciation Day
Instead of the usual $25 fee, the town will charge only $10 for the vendors for that day only in hopes that they will keep coming back.

Change Order Wading Pool Refurbishment
The Town Board approves the said change order in the amount of $3000 for the additional work on the wading pool. The supervisor also authorizes to execute the change order and any other related documents necessary for completion of work.

Engineering Agreement- New Roof on Police Department Annex Building
Senator Larkin has obtained another grant for the replacement of the roof on the Police Department Annex Building. The Town Board approves the said agreement because it is in the best interest of the town.

Assemblyman Skoufis Grant- Civil War Cannon Refurbishment
They were able to obtain a grant for $14,000 for the refurbishment of the Civil War Cannon. The grant is already approved. The entire carriage will be finished with aluminum, which will not have to be replaced for a long time.

Authorize Appraisals for Tax Certiorari Proceedings
The appraisals are all approved by the town board.

Personnel: Appointment P/T Dispatcher
Chief Hazard requested the town hire Joshua Windell at a rate of $17.14/hour. He has lots of experience and will require minimal amount of training.

The next meeting will be a budget workshop on October 17th.


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