Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
May 26, 2020
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General News: New Years Eve Celebration 2018

After the ball drop
After the ball drop
Before the Ball Drop
Before the Ball Drop
new years eve 2018 2
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new years eve 2018 4
January 07, 2018

New Year's Eve Celebration 2018
By Hannah Comitz

The most unavoidable fact about the New Year was the frigid weather. Announcements and warnings were posted all over. Officials pleaded with the public to bundle up and be prepared for single digit temperatures. There was a reasonable crowd considering the freezing temperatures outside that night. As the time ticked closer to midnight the street filled with people of all ages. Everyone was bundled up with large coats, blankets and hot beverages. Apparently the PA system was also affected by the cold. A volunteer had to bring their own personal speaker system to play music. There were technical difficulties throughout the night, but that did not stop the town from partying. A few New Years resolution were able to be read by Victoria Brennan and Bill Braine while the mic was still working. Victoria Brennan read “to live in the moment, but not constantly.” The resolutions were kept light and oddly themed around food. Someone wrote that they will “learn to say no to family and friends but perhaps McDonald’s.” Another person wrote “I resolve to eat more cake”, which no one can deny is one of the easiest resolutions to keep.

A Go Fund Me page was set up by Mike Trainor in support of this celebration. The town organized for Cumberland Farms to stay open to offer hot beverages to the public.
Light up 2018 glasses were handed out to many people who arrives early that night.

Earlier in the morning the fire department set up the rest of the focal point for the night. They added a large lit up 2018 sign on top of the flag. The night before New Year’s Eve, everything except for the 2018 sign was set up. The streets were empty, which made a great before picture for the upcoming celebration.

The large full moon made the celebration even more spectacular that night.

Many people noticed the lack of excitement as the new year drew closer. The hosts of the night were unable to countdown, so the crowd had to help. When the clock turned to 11:59 the crowd started to countdown. Colorful fireworks launched up into the sky as the clock struck 12. Everyone cheered and kissed welcoming in the new year.


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