Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
March 29, 2020
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Letters to the Editor: Capital Project Letter

December 04, 2017


I wish you were there for yesterday’s public presentation of the $44.4 million bond at COH Elementary. If you were:

You would not have seen any signs.
You would have arrived at locked doors to the auditorium, the setting for the presentation.
You would have seen the struggles of the Sup’s opening YouTube with no narration (an entire sound board was set up with a district employee managing the board, but still no narration)
You would have observed the opening YouTube being aborted for a PowerPoint.
You would have observed the Sup read to us from the slides rather than have a conversation with us about the proposal.
You would have observed the Finance Director dance around a question relative to the sureness of the state’s reimbursement ratio.
You would have observed the 5 or so taxpayers (including me) unconvinced of the incremental academic growth, or reasonably measurable ROI for 80% of the proposal, not aligned with needed infrastructure updates.
You would have observed the Finance Director’s cavalier presentation about how “look see how the debt gets reduced in 2030 when the old High School bond debt is [finally] paid off".
Wish you were there to see and report on this fiscally irresponsible, next-to-zero academic gain, bond proposal in our already expensive community of Cornwall, NY.
Thanks for reading.

Jeffrey Dreher
Cornwall resident and Taxpayer, and Father of 2 in the CCSD


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