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November 16, 2018
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General News: Notes from the Village Board Work Session

November 22, 2017

 Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Board of Trustees Work Session 11/13/17
By Hannah Comitz

DB Mart:
Recently a compromised and leaking fuel tank had been discovered. The inspectors found another tank that has been there for 15-20 years. The owners were given the option to pay fines or make repairs. These repairs include replacing all pumps and canopies. This gives the owners an opportunity to stay in business. The board believes the leaks have been happening for 15 years. They hope to make the whole place look better in the end and wishes them well during the entire process.

Fire Department:
The fire department had a $10,000 proposal to fix the siren form the 1960’s. They feel it is a necessity for the fire department. The new model will allow for more control over the sound level. The schools around the department said they enjoy the siren. It lets them know when there is a call so they can ensure the children are not near the area.
The fire department also said that they are seeing an increase in membership. The current three time fore chief, Jeff Armitage, says he is retiring and wishes Mike Trainer best of luck. The board thanked Jeff Armitage for his 16 years of service. They joked that he will not leave because last time he said that he stayed for another 3 years. The board loves his dedication to the town and will miss him.
The board says that the Storm King Fire Department is a first class organization. The board is considering moving money around to find a full time secretary for the fire department.

Police Department:
Halloween was quite this year for the most part. The board notices that the police force has helped out with many events this month and thanked them.

Public Works:
The paving is done now on Duncan. It was originally backed up because of the cost of the asphalt. The recent cheaper prices allowed the village and other municipalities to get paving done quickly.

Comprehensive Plan Committee Update:
The meeting is this Thursday. The committee has been diligent and working hard.

Workplace Violence Prevention Program:
The state wants more programs involving the workplace violence prevention. The mayor doesn’t know if it is exactly necessary because trainings recently took place but the resolution will be passed Monday. The board wanted to emphasize that these safety programs are for anyone. The second meeting is set for January and there they will discuss being safe in the workplace.

2018-19 Budget:
The final draft should be expected by Monday. Different notes have been added to help the board have a detailed understanding of the budget. The board hopes that it can be done soon and efficiently.

Two filming crews wanted to film in the area. There will be more information available on Monday. The board hopes to know if one or both are coming. The board will make arrangements for the fire and the police once the dates are set.

Quiet Zone:
The board has revived a grant from Assemblyman Skoufis to study and research about possible new gates and techniques to make the trains quieter.

KJ Well:
The town lost their appeal to the KJ wells. The board is considering partnering with the Cornwall as well as Monroe Woodbury to make KJ track the amount of water they are taking out.

Stillman Family Genealogy Books:
The board said the town is grateful for the gifts because the family is a well known name in Cornwall’s history.

Village Auto Repair:
Residents have raised concerns regarding the lighting along with other issues in this area. The board will get a group to do research and figure out the best plan.

Trees for Tribs:
Cornwall High School students from the environmental club will be removing invasive species and putting in new trees on November 18th.

Christmas Tree Lighting:
The lighting will be on December 3rd. Very soon after that there will be the annual New Year’s Eve ball drop. The Planning Committee is working hard arranging those activities.

This year there were fewer participants in the Lions Fall Harvest Race because of the cold weather. People from other towns also participated in the race. The board wanted to commend the Lions on a job well done.
There will be a wedding at the gazebo in COH on the 25th of November. This is apparently one of the first to be held at the band stand.


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