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March 29, 2020
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Letters to the Editor: It is NOT all about the fields!

November 22, 2017

It is NOT all about the fields!

I wanted to write a letter in support of the Capital Improvement project. There are really so many issues that will be addressed within this proposal. Most, if not all, are very necessary for the safety and upkeep of the schools, and other district buildings. So, here's my laymans explaination of what I know to be true, and the intention of this project.

First, the cost is what it is, and will not be exceeded whatsoever.

These renovations are long overdue. It’s been about 50 years. The electrical system needs to be upgraded. There are bathrooms that have had to be closed because pipes are rusted. The added space from these improvements, will allow for lunchrooms that fit everyone, security entrances that are secure, and space for more classrooms, for programs such as STEAM. (For more information on STEAM programs, google 'STEAM programs)

Another item included in this this project is to upgrade the schools HVAC systems. All of the schools will have A/C. Not the inefficient
window units but actual A/C. This will also create a savings for us in energy usage.

Fifth grade, if this doesn’t pass, stays in middle school. That's far less common then a typical K-5 elementary, and many parents do not
prefer fifth grade to be middle school.

The field renovations include the adding of bleachers, concessions stands and bathrooms at both the middle and high schools. This
upgrade of the fields will not only benefit the schools, BUT the community as well. The community use the fields probably more than
the schools do, so it’s not just about the school sports. However, with regards to sports, these renovations will allow several to be
able to use the fields in addition to football. So it's kind of as if we are getting 6 fields from fixing 2. Soccer, lacrosse and football
can all use the fields, and since there will be turf, it can be used year round.

Adding bathrooms are important because kids have often relieved themselves on neighbors’ yards, which has been an actual complaint.

There are a few more forums before the vote: (11/20 at 12:30 at Munger Cottage; 11/29 at 7pm at Lee rd school; 12/2 at 10am at C-O-H school) so ask questions if you have em!

The vote will take place on December 5th!In the middle school gym.

Nicole Gold


The overdue, needed improvements to CCSD facilities represents 20% of the bond proposal. Let?s do that. Also, Warwick just OK?d $10.8M in upgrades for schools with state grants, a capital reserve fund [part of their annual budgets] and ZERO tax increases on property owners.

posted by Jeffrey Dreher on 12/10/17 at 10:59 AM

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