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October 17, 2018
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General News: Update from BOE October Meeting

Ana Martinez and Sam Delacruz are the new student representatives for the Board of Education.
Ana Martinez and Sam Delacruz are the new student representatives for the Board of Education.
BOE mtg oct 2017 2
October 26, 2017

BOE Meeting 10/23/17
By Hannah Comitz

Student Representatives:
Ana Martinez and Sam Delacruz are the new student representatives for the Board of Education. They give reports about the 5 schools once a month. Sam and Ana are seniors at the Cornwall Central High School. They are both involved in the school and are very respectable students. Both teens take their job seriously and came prepared and poised to the meeting.

Technology Presentation:
Ms. Hogan and her 2nd grade class demonstrated how they use technology in the classroom. The children have the capability to cast their computer screen on the large board in front of the class. The children each presented a different educational site. A student, Bobby Lynch, showed us how they use google classroom as a way to easily communicate. Google classroom is used throughout the school districts, making it easier for students and teachers to interact. Bobby also demonstrated the use of World Book Kids to help students be engaged in the subject. There’s also a tool that reads to the students. This is beneficial for students at lower reading levels, so they can still learn about new topics. The chrome books the children were using had a touch screen, which also benefited children with learning disabilities. Students can zoom in and out on screen to assist in any disabilities. Another child showed a website called Prodigy, which keeps children engaged while teaching about math. The next program demonstrated teaches children the valuable skill of typing. Another child presented This program is used throughout the school district to teach the young and the old how to code computers. The children also have access to a digital library. The children can view thousands of books. The teacher can also email them books for assignments. You can see the passion for learning while the children presented their topics to the board.

Board of Education Recognition Week:
Mr. Miller mentioned that 23-27 special activities will be held throughout the state to honor the commitment of school boards. Mr. Miller read a letter from the Governor of New York State which recognized and thanked the Board members. Mr. Miller pulled out and showed a charcoal rendering of the very first Board President of Cornwall Central School District. It was found by Mrs Polumbo at the middle school.

Consent Agenda:
A board member raised a question about the football team funds. He was told that they would discuss that another time and it is not for the consent agenda tonight. He brought it up again later saying there are no receipts for the football fund, but it was clarified for him and said that the fund was not needed unless the team held a fundraiser.

One of the members wanted to express how amazing the donations were from the several associations. The American Dairy Association and Dairy Council donated $4,049 to the Cornwall Central School District Food Services. These donations will be made to improve the schools.

Boston Field Trip:
The Board passed a motion to let the middle school 8th graders go on a trip in the spring to Boston. The cost will be $300 per person. Mrs. Polumbo said that they work with the parents to establish a Sunshine fund for the children.

School Lunches:
The board discussed the program that leaves no child hungry. A board member questioned how many times are they allowed till they are denied. There is a limit for 3 allowed lunches with no money. Even though there is a limit, they will not deny a child. After the allotted amount they will contact the parents and make arrangements to pay these funds. There was only $500 left to be repaid to the school district. So the Board agreed that this problem is being handled well.

Comments from the Board Members:
A member said that the immersion into the classroom was so fun. Another member said thank you to Ms. Hogan’s class for the demonstration. Another member joked that he wishes he had that technology when he was in 2nd grade. Another member said whenever possible they would love to go watch presentations, because it’s great to see the children in their own environment. The energy from the children was very exciting. The community outreach is coming up in November and the Board wants to make sure that it is a well attended meeting. The Board agreed that the plaque presentation to Lieutenant Boyce was very wonderful. Now students can be inspired while walking into the school. The student representatives comments were very positive and optimistic about Cornwall’s future. It was great to hear how well composed high school students can be when involved. Theses students are immersed among important and influential figures of the community, so this opportunity is amazing.


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