Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
September 21, 2018
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General News: 2017 Annual Fall Festival a Success

2017 Fall Festival
2017 Fall Festival
Moses is up for adoption
Moses is up for adoption
September 28, 2017

Cornwall's 2017 Annual Fall Festival
By Hannah Comitz  09/27/2017

Cornwall's Fall Festival was a great success. The numerous ice cream stands got plentiful amounts of business this day. The cloudless sky and hot weather did not hinder the community from enjoying this tradition. From the music performances to the vendors, this year's Fall Festival was full of activity. This year the fFestival had countless stands lining the streets and alleyways. The food kept the crowd full and content while the performances throughout the day allowed the public to be entertained. This festival is a great way to showcase the talents of our community.

The Animals:
The SPCA volunteers were walking around with tons of adorable puppies and dogs that are up for adoption. This drew people in from all areas of the festival to pet the dogs.
The Canine Sanctuary has many animals up for adoption. The two at the event were Spartacus and Moses.
Spartacus is a 15 orange cat. He is declawed and comes with lifetime vet care due to his age. Spartacus was dumped during a rainstorm in front of the shelter. A volunteer commented that it makes her "very sad for him to live in a cage at his age." The sanctuary hopes to find him a good home where he can live out the rest of his life. He loves to cuddle and be pet. Spartacus is a large lazy boy who likes taking cat naps in the sun. Check out Spartacus and the other cats at the shelter.
Moses is an eight to ten year old pit bull. He is such an easy going dog. He loves to go on short walks and would love a relaxing home where he is loved. His sweet face and adorable energy would be a great addition for any home.

The animals under the sanctuary are housed at separate shelters, where rent must be paid. Donations for the shelter are always needed. Please consider adopting one of these adorable animals or any others looking for a good home!

The Vendors:
Vendors of all kinds were lined along main street, displaying the town's varied talents. Some of the vendors were classics while others are new to the festival.
One vendor named Animalbilia showed the public interesting and exotic insects and lizards. Later in the day Animalbilia presented the crowd with a variety of animals, which excited many of the young viewers.
Another vendor even included live honey bees. The company named Maybrook Honey had a showcase of live bees for the public to view. This attracted crowds containing people of numerous ages. The public saw and learned about how honey is made. The owner was very eager to teach the public and I even got a lesson myself!
Devitts Farm set up a haybail maze for young ones and grown ups to try and escape from. A small train was set up as a sneak peek to the farm's Egbert Christmas. This is a very festive celebration which is recommended by many.

Despite the heat this year was a marvelous display of the fun that the community of Cornwall has to offer. Events like this brig the community closer. Thank you to all the amazing volunteers for putting together a fantastic Fall Festival.


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