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June 21, 2018
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General News: Fourth of July 2017

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July 14, 2017

Fourth of July 2017
By Hannah Comitz

The sun was shining for this year's Independence Day celebration. Vendors selling all kinds of jewelry, crafts and other exquisite accessories were positioned together. This created easy access to all of the vendors at the same time. The food stands were on the outside of the craft vendors. Yummy fried foods smothered in powder sugar and snow cones topped with sugary syrup, were two of the numerous sugary options that energized children and adults alike.

The children's opinions:
An 11 year old named Carson McLendon said that this year's celebration "was really fun." Starting in the morning there were countless activities for young ones to participate in. Activities such as racing on hands and knees, and competing in a pie eating contest, kept children entertained and excited for more. Noel Parsons, 14, "thought there was a lot of options, and it was entertaining." No matter what the age group, teens, children and adults were able to enjoy the celebration. Ariel Yarmus, 13, recalled that the animals for adoption and from the community "were so adorable." The morning pet show brought animals of all kinds out to the park, even a lizard. The activities at this year's Independence Day celebration kept the community entertained for the whole day.

The parade puts activities and businesses on display for the community. Floats from local farms and wineries, being pulled by tractors made an appearance. Town legislatures drove in fancy well kept cars through the parade, which were quite the opposite of the tractors.
Businesses were not the only grand floats in the parade. Local activities such as the school's drama department, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts showed the community the variety of activities to get involved in. Some club sports also took time to be in the parade. Rowing and Girls On the Run had floats filled with kids excited to wave to the adoring public. Who could forget the amazing bands who marched along in the parade, playing popular patriotic theme songs of America. These bands added an energetic spirit to the parade.

The winners:
The 3rd place winner of the float competition was the New Year's Eve Float, which was made by the Cornwall New Years Eve Committee. The 2nd place float was the Flag Tribute, made by Green Acres. And finally the 1st place winner of the float competition was the 100th Anniversary of Woman's Suffrage in New York float, made by the Cornwall Democratic Committee. This float had woman dressed in different era clothing with signs demanding the right to vote. It brought the community back in time to see woman fighting for equality, displaying the true meaning of Independence Day.

Now the adults opinions:
Children were not the only ones with opinions on Independence Day. Patrick Larkin, age 25, and one of the best known faces at the high school, said that "4th of July is one of the best things that Cornwall does." This is truly one of the most energized and attended days for the community. People from all parts of Cornwall and New Windsor come into town in search of a place to park and enjoy the festivities. A 52 year old man named Mike Lennon said "I've been coming here for about 20 years and we love it." This long standing tradition brings people out of their houses and head first into a bustling community. Lennon also mentioned that "every year it gets better and better", and that the Independence day celebration is "one of the reasons I've [Lennon] moved to cornwall." On top of having very positive things to add about the celebration, Lennon also took freedom to another level with his outfit.
(Shawn Rice and Mike Lennon pictured)

Although there is an entire year until the next 4th of July event, volunteers will start their work way before next July. The community can not deny its gratitude to the hard working volunteers for putting together an amazing event year after year. Happy Independence Day to all the community and thank you to the volunteers!


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