Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
June 22, 2018
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General News: Notes from the Town of Cornwall Board Meeting

July 08, 2017

Work Session- July 3rd 2017
By Hannah Comitz

Town board is allowed to participate in the parade which starts at 5pm.

Request that Pleasant Hill road be turned over to the Storm King Art center is on hold.

70 trees were saved by the amount of paper shredded in the town.

The Pepsi machine by the town pool was supposed to send print outs of products sold and then percentage of the money made would go back to the town. Not an adequate amount of money was given to the town and the machine will be removed due to the lack of profits.

Chief has posted officers at Mailler because there have been complaints that the speed displays only worked at first. The displays do not work now because people decided to use it as a motivator to speed. Some cars get upward of 50 mph on this 30mph road.

Money has been requested to improve roads and recreation facilities. Funding approved $165,000 for these improvements. Money will be used to replace windows at Town Hall, which will be more energy efficient. Automatic doors for people with disabilities are also being considered. Money will also possibly be used to resurface walkways near the town pools and playgrounds in order to make them safe for the numerous people in the area. Thanks was given to Senator Larkin for approval and the grant willbe utilized next year.
The town pool is heavily used and some of the inlets were rusted, but good news is all the repairs that were needed for reopening this season have been done. More repairs will occur after this season. The pool is in good shape currently, but some necessary repairs will occur and the estimated cost is $12,500.

The town board believes that the town should have the same rights as cities and villages regarding pipelines coming through the town. They would like to Include towns in the provision regarding pipeline approval. This approval will give some voice regarding pipelines in the area.
Rick Gioia asked if Cornwall was working in conjunction with other areas to share the expense? The committee responded that Newburgh as well as others have been working in this for some time.

There has been a request for money to improve tourism for the Fall Festival in order to bring people to the community.

George Kane questioned the Idea from last June that was discussed with board for aiding the Historical Society in making a museum for artifacts of the town. The building would be simple, inexpensive, and would give the historical society a proper place to display artifacts and the history of Cornwall. The committee understands that the building would have to be small and efficient for the concept to become reality. This would be a place to let tourists and others come into the town and see the history and displays of brochures for activities in the area. This museum would only work if it is cost effective for the taxpayers. The board emphasized that they have been very transparent during this process to the community. If the community can work together to make this happen it will be an enrichment for the community. This simple museum building would add something to this community. Rick Gioia said to consider using an old building on Hudson street that has excessive parking and on a main road in order to to draw in public. There has been considerable controversy on this topic.


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