Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
February 24, 2020
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Letters to the Editor: Sands Ring Liaison Change

January 15, 2016

What? I just read that the Town of Cornwall Historian Maryann O'Dell will be removed as liaison to The Sands Ring Homestead restoration project. Conspicuous.

When in fact Historian O'Dell 's leadership and enthusiasm achieved three successful fundraiser events to directly benefit The Sands Ring Homestead restoration 1) Antique Roadshow in May,  2) Sip and Paint in July, 3) The Harvest Dinner in September. Historian O'Dell partnered with The Cornwall Historical Society, The Cornwall Garden Club and The community of Cornwall which resulted in collectively 600 people in attendance and estimate of $ 20,000 raised for the Sands-Ring Homestead.

This speaks volumes of Historian O'Dell's dedication in her resolve to the Sands-Ring Homestead restoration project. She brought an outstanding successful awareness to the campaign.

Why would newly elect Supervisor Randazzo remove the Town Historian with a proven track record and a strong sense of Promoting Social Responsibility.

Where as Supervisor Randazzo states "It's not politics, it's governing", a productive move?

Barbara Hembree


This may explain why a charitable donation we made at the end of last year to go toward the SR Homestead restoration has gone uncashed, to date. WTF?

posted by Rick Gioia on 02/16/16 at 5:28 PM

If you made your donation to the "Friends of Sands Ring" and not the Town of Cornwall, it was NOT given to the Town. The "Friends" organization is separate and was not very cooperative. Check with them to see why your check was not cashed and turned over to the town.
Mr. Randazzo has brought them back to take over the restoration project. Me, as Town Historian, was not included in his new committee.

posted by Maryanne O'Dell on 02/21/16 at 7:27 PM

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