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May 26, 2020
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General News: Notes from the Nov BOE Meeting

Willow Avenue students perform at the November BOE meeting
Willow Avenue students perform at the November BOE meeting
November 29, 2018

Board of Education Meeting at CCMS 11/19/18
By Casey Regenbaum

A group of about thirty students consisting of five student from each second and third grade class in Willow Avenue performed a heartwarming song about being kind to others and making the world a better place. Their music teacher praised the entire committee for creating the Kindness challenge. She said it is a great way to start building kindness within our schools, treat each other with respect, and build healthy relationships. All the parents and board members couldn’t help but smile as the students sang, as many hearts were touched.

OCSBA Report:
John, Nancy, Larry and Margaret all got to see the STEAM facilities in Middletown. Middletown will be hosting an open steam day in May, everybody should check it out. The schools are very welcoming.
Margaret believed that everybody involved with STEAM is very involved with their communities. She said there is a very nice community and business collaborative.

Assistant Superintendent’s Report:
Megan Arsenio gave a creative presentation on STEAM education in the Cornwall Central School District. She spoke about where the program began in previous school years, as well as the multiple programs they attended in order to gain a better understanding of STEAM education. She said the committee met monthly to research new ideas, and now overall the district seems to be incorporating STEAM a lot more. Within the near future, she expects students and teachers will be even more reliant on technology throughout the district. All the board members were impressed with this presentation and are excited to where this program will lead Cornwall.

Student Representatives:
Greg Moretto summarized the good news from COH, Willow Avenue, and the middle school. Many field trips took place, as well as the Mother son dance in the Willow Avenue gymnasium. At CCMS, the student goal of the month is to be compassionate.
Jessica Wu spoke about CES, where STEAM activities continue to happen everywhere. She congratulated all the fall sports team, as the end of this season marks one that made history. The Varsity football team will be playing in their first state final since 2006 in Syracuse on 11/23/18. Additionally, the National Honor Society is preparing for its first ever Sadie Hawkins Dance on November 30th!

Communications Committee:
The meeting scheduled for 11/20 will be moved to Monday, 11/26.
Visitation Committee:
They visited some of the schools to see some of the STEAM programs. They got to see a lot of hands on tasks that required cooperation and collaboration. The next visit is 11/27 at Willow Avenue.
Facilities Committee:
The committee met October 30th, Nancy reminded everyone that these meetings are open to the public. They are currently working on the Capital Project priorities, and alternative funding is still being discussed. The next meeting will be held Monday 11/26.
Safety Committee:
The meeting was rescheduled to December 6th at 6pm, it will not be open to the public.
Water Committee:
John reported that they did find a community member to step forward so he is excited to see what work they will get done in the near future.

Comments from the Board:
All across the board there was great appreciation for the well-thought out presentation Megan gave on STEAM education. They thanked Greg Schmaltz for having the kids come to the meeting and perform. Each member agreed that this fall season Cornwall’s athletics have thrived and made the entire community proud.


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