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June 15, 2019
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General News: Notes from BOE June Meeting

June 12, 2018

Board of Education Work Session Meeting June 4th, 2018
By Hannah Comitz

Jeanne Rose and Barbara Horne:
Mr. Miller recognized two teachers who were at the middle school the night that the wind blew the roof off of the building. These two teachers responded instinctively and put the safety of the students first. Mrs. Palumbo gave a brief description of the events. Mrs. Horne and Mrs. Rose worked together with Mrs. Palumbo to keep the students safe that evening of the storm. The two teachers were presented with awards.

Consent Agenda:
The new Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. Argenio, was appointed to her position. Rafael Ortiz questioned the legality of having her and her husband work together while she is in this position. The other board members said there are no complications.

New Teachers:
Sean Mayer
He attended SUNY New Paltz and now will be teaching chemistry at the high school. He is a graduate of Cornwall high school. He also has a degree in physics which makes him very useful to the science department.
Catherine Eliasson:
She will be teaching Spanish at the high school. Catherine graduated in 2014 from Cornwall and she attended SUNY Brockport. She played professional soccer while studying abroad. She may be interested in coaching as well.
Erin Correa:
Erin will be a technology integration teacher. Her knowledge of technology made her a stand out candidate. She is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Erin is also interested in teaching softball. She is very involved in her community and we hope to see her bring this involvement to Cornwall.
Benjamin Smith:
Benjamin is a new teacher at the middle school who will be teaching 8th grade history. He is an extremely hard worker and has great teaching skills. He is also interested in teaching a variety of sports like lacrosse and football.
Megan Argenio:
Megan will be the new Assistant Superintendent. Her great work at Lee road makes her a strong and promising candidate for this position.

Harvey Sotland decided to resign from the board and the board members wished him well for the future.

Energy Resolution:
Orange County School District is cooperating in bids to purchase electricity and natural gas. The bidding procedures comply in every respect with the requirements that are established by the General Municipal Law. This quick action secured the lowest possible rate, because this industry is highly volatile. Delaying the boards decision could increase the bid price.

Public Comment:
A women named Kelly said that robocalls from Rafael Ortiz asked citizens to vote against the budget. The same number called and said to support Rafael Ortiz’s candidacy. She was disturbed to see that someone on this board was actively campaigning against the budget.

Margaret Quinn Comments:
The varsity softball team worked with the little league girls. They were star struck looking at the high school players. The high schoolers inspired these young girls and the community is excited to continue this program next year. There will be a signed board with all who participated that will go up in the high school Athletics office. This will allow the young girls to see it when they come to the high school and play softball.

Other Member Comments:
Other members wanted to show their appreciation to the building and grounds manager for his dedication, even while on vacation.
Many members said congratulations to Mrs. Argenio and they are excited for what she will bring to the school district.


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