Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
June 26, 2019
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Police Blotter: May 07-27, 2018

June 02, 2018

Cornwall-on-Hudson Police Blotter
May 07-27, 2018



05/23/18 A 23 yr old male from New Windsor, NY was arrested and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the 3rd degree.
05/27/18 A 29 yr old male from Bronx, NY was arrested and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the 3rd degree.

Police issue approximately 30 warnings and 41 summonses to drivers including summonses for parking at the riverfront without a permit and for parking in the fire lane at COH school. including tickets issued during a special traffic assignment.
05/07/18 A caller stated that a driver ran over a yield sign on Meadow Ave.
05/07/18 A subject stated that the OC row team was taking up parking spaces at the river and none had permits.
05/08/17 A caller stated that a man pulled into her driveway and walked around her property, caught on security video. The subject was from a construction crew a few places down and strongly advised to move his vehicle.
05/10/18 A caller notified Police that he was backing up when he backed into a tree a the Food Bank.
05/11/18 Police take a report of a 2 vehicle accident no injuries on Hudson and Cherry.
05/12/18 Police respond to Hudson St for a 2 car accident no injuries.
05/14/18 Police respond to High Point for a report of subjects smoking marijuana.
05/14/18 Police respond to COH playground for a report of juveniles too big for playground playing on zip line.
05/15/18 Police respond to River Ave for a report of a tree down on a vehicle causing damage.
05/15/18 Police removed a tree on Maple Ave.
05/15/18 Police take a report of a car damaged by a tree in a parking lot.
05/15/18 Police respond to West house for a report of a tree on a house.
05/15/18 Police remove 3 trees on road obstructing traffic.
05/15/18 Police responded to Idlewild for a tree down, First St, Park Ave, and Cornwall Ave., a car damaged by a tree in a parking lot.
05/17/18 911 call, tree down on wires on Deer Hill Rd.
05/21/18 A resident called to report that there was a large bear and 2 cubs around trash cans on Mountain Rd.
05/22/18 A village resident complained that she had no place to park at the riverfront due to cars occupying the spots who were on the rowing team.
05/22/18 A complainant report credit card fraud.
05/23/18 Police receive a report of a baby bear running in a yard on Taft Place. Caller is concerned because kids out waiting for school bus.
05/25/18 CSX reported that kids are on the train trains. Police advise kids.
05/25/18 Police reposed to Rt 9W for a motor vehicle accident. A drivers tire blew out and the car hit the concrete barrier.
05/26/18 A subject reported a possible robbery, stating that his cousin was walking to CVS to commit robbery because he had no money to get back to the city.


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