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January 20, 2019
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General News: Notes from the Village Board Meeting

January 11, 2018

Village of Cornwall-on-Hudson Board of Trustees 01/08/18
By Hannah Comitz

Mayor Coyne seemed very stressed over the budget prior to beginning of the meeting. He was discussing with the other Trustees about the rise in cost of water. The Mayor opened a public hearing on the budget and it will be extended until the next meeting on January 22nd. Raising the water rate would also raise the sewer rate. These increases are not in place currently but will most likely start in the near future. The board wants to keep the increase as minimal as possible so it is not a burden on the citizens of the town.

At the business meeting there will be a Public Hearing regarding a law to remove the tax cap. This can not be passed at the meeting, because it must go to Albany to be approved. This Public Hearing will be on January 22nd at 7p.m.

Fire Department:
There is a new logo made for the fire department. The board agreed that it looked amazing. The fire department ordered the new siren and everyone in the community is excited.

Police Department:
Many cars had to be towed away because they were not moved in time for plowing. The board said it was foolish of people to leave their cars on the street when they were aware of the snow storm that was coming.

Public Works Department:
The Storm King School is changing their dormitories. They are using a house that is across the street. The board refused to put a crosswalk there due to the dangerous location but put up school crossing signs as a compromise.

Safety Committee:
This committee will be meeting on the morning of the 17th.

KJ Annexation Lawsuit:
There is a group of Hasidic people that were left out of the town of Palm Tree, so they were not willing to end the lawsuit. This is a very difficult situation and the Mayor is confused on how this occurred. The board is trying to see if there are any conditions to consider.

Quiet Zone:
Mayor Coyne talked with a representative regarding the quiet zones. They are making progress on this project.

Catskills Treatment Plant:
The board has to file paperwork that says they will redraw their claim. The board is accepting the offer at 3.5 but never did an official resolution.

Comprehensive Plan Committee:
This committee has been very active and will be meeting the last Thursday of this month.

New Lighting Law:
The board is working on this law for the village as a whole. The board is holding off on drafting a law until getting in touch with professionals. There are concerns if the lighting will help the situation.

New Year Eve Ball Drop:
The event went very well, even though it was cold. The chief was able to get troopers to cover the event. In the beginning there was about 60 kids and then a few minutes before midnight about 200 people showed up.

PBA Contract Negotiations:
The Mayor said believe it or not this is up for negotiation, even though it seems this was just finished. The meeting for this will be held in the near future.

Summer Charity Concert:
The Mayor said this sounds like a really great idea. The people proposed that this event is held on the river front. The organization is proposing this on a Saturday or Sunday. The board said that this isn’t an issue as long as it doesn’t come in conflict with the band stand concerts.


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