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January 20, 2019
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General News: Notes from the Town Board Work Session

January 08, 2018

Cornwall Town Board Work Session Meeting- 1/3/18
By Hannah Comitz

Peter Russell was sworn in as town councilman at the start of the meeting.

Mileage Reimbursement:
The reimbursement for the use of personal vehicles for town related business was passed.

Town Board Meeting Dates:
Monthly work sessions will be on the first Monday of each month at 7pm.

Official Newspaper:
Cornwall News of the Highland Inc was resolved as the official newspaper of the town.

Appoint Attorney for the Town of Cornwall:
One member voted no on appointing the new attorney office for the town. He was worried that there was not enough consideration of cost for other firms. But the board said the other attorney groups had an opportunity to be considered.

Appoint Planning Consultant:
The hourly rate will be the same as last year and the same firm was appointed as the planning consultant. Mr. Summerfield voted no on this as well.

Helen Bunt was chosen as Deputy Supervisor by Supervisor Randazo.

Local Law Utility Poles:
The existing law requires that the providers on the pole have to move to the new pole within a certain time. The town worked and compromised with Central Hudson to avoid legal action.

Cable Franchise Agreement:
There has been a constant disagreement back in forth with the franchise. The board wants the franchise to agree with the utility pole law, but the franchise is not settling. The board said to continue trying for another month.

Mutual Aid for Supplemental Police Assistance Agreement:
There is a list of about 18 municipalities that agree to this mutual aid agreement. The goal is to get everyone in the county to adopt this policy. It is not a legally binding agreement, but it is a good precaution. The board suggested to ask nearby municipalities to sign an official document to ensure protection and clarify insurance. The goal is to have an intermunicipal official agreement with the nearby areas.

Sands Ring Cemetery Maintenance Decree:
It will now be the responsibility of the town to repair and upkeep the cemetery. $347,000 was given to the town to ensure the upkeep of the entire property. The board is excited to start this project and let the town see the history. The trust allows the town to do repairs with no burden to tax payers.

Greater Cornwall Chamber of Commerce Anual Car Show Donation:
$800 was given to the police department. The money will go towards a new defibrillator. This will cover over half the cost of this piece of equipment.

Update Town Hall Telephone System:
Verizon came in and hooked up the system but then said it wouldn’t work because the town number would be a Beacon number. The town stopped the process and is now afraid that the town phones will be cut off if this is not figured out. They do not want the company to cut lines to the police department. This wasted an entire year and they are still getting robot telephone calls about this. The town wants to get this done because the situation has been ridiculous.

FHWD Water Rate Increase:
The water rate will increase by about 12%. Progress is being made but unfortunately rates had to be raised.

The Farmers Market:
Due to the success of the last market, there will be multiple other dates coming up in the future. This will be not only a farmers market, but a place for small businesses as well.

Public Comment:
A public member asked if there is a place to ask about the symbols on the bill. The board said to flip over the paper because there is a key on the back. The board also said to contact the office of where the taxes are collected with any question.


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