Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
January 20, 2019
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General News: Town Planning Board Meeting

January 08, 2018

Cornwall Planning Board committee 1/2/18
By Hannah Comitz

Pleasant Hill Driveway:
A contractor presented an extension of a driveway on Pleasant Hill road. Sally Fay, a women who owns property next door, brought up concerns. She said that this driveway would be around a blind turn, creating a dangerous situation. She also commented about the change in bus stops. She tried to convince the board that the property being considered has a steep slope, so it could be very slippery during the winter. The Orange County traffic control approved the plan. The board closed public comment on this construction, despite the women’s concerns. According to the board, the proposal that the women was concerned about is different then what the board was discussing. The women still seemed disturbed with the plan. A member says that the speed change should be discussed with the county, not at the town level. The DPW will look at the permits and make the changes that are needed. Another member said that there is a drainage feature in the plan and the elevation is below the 15% that the town requires.

Extra Resolutions Passed:
A contractor was told to come back to the next meeting to present his final proposal for his project. A few resolutions were passed so the next planning meeting will be quicker incase there are more proposals.

Rapid Fire Training:
The board said there should only be about 9 people per class due to the limit of parking spaces. There are no exterior modifications being made to the building, just consideration of parking. Due to the parking issue there will be a public hearing for this.

Old Garage on 9W Renovation:
A building constructed in the 1950s had been purchased and will be renovated. The buyer wants to run a foreign contracting business out of this building. He is also going to add an addition for residential use. He will use this building as a home office. The location of the entrance must be approved by the Department of Transportation. The board wanted to make sure that the land owner was aware of the limited entrances of the building. This is on 9W south bound, which might limit entrance from the north. The client’s contractor said he will let the owner know about the entrance issues. The board also said that the property may be owned by someone else in the future, so they want to make sure the building was favorable for future sale. This property was rumored to be built for as a garage but there was a stop work order. The current well can not be used so it must be filled and dug again on the other side of the property. The board wanted to make sure that the construction would save trees to preserve the neighborhood character. A public hearing will be held soon and they will make sure to add a note that is specific to the DOT. A member suggested to make a plan that is more detailed so it will be successful when sent to the DOT. The board wants to make sure the lightening does not cause confusion and accidents for drivers. The board wants to ensure there is no visual impact on the Museum of the Hudson Highlands that is acrossed the road. This is an entrance in to the town, so the board wants to make sure it is appealing to the public. The board scheduled a public hearing for this project for the near future.


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