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September 18, 2018
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General News: Notes from the Town Board Meeting

October 06, 2017

 Work Session Meeting
Monday October 2, 2017
By Hannah Comitz

There was a very large turn out for this meeting. All of the 3 rows of seats were filled with community members.

The meeting began with a moment of silence for the terrible shooting that occurred that morning.

There was no public comment of the agenda items.

Cable Franchise Agreement:
Spectrum hopes to renew the cable franchise with the town. The town is now talking to Spectrum, who took over for Time Warner. There is a standard contract were there is discussion about removal of the double utility poles. The legal department of Spectrum disagreed with this proposed draft of the law. There has been discussion back and forth for over 6 months regarding the addition of these new laws to the policy. The Board is putting together a list to have service to all of the district buildings. This is a 10 year term contract so once the agreement is finalized, the Board will be able to move forward even if spectrum does not agree with these new terms.

Consolidate Deed for Town Hall Property:
The Board has the deeds and is in the process of putting together a consolidated deed for the multiple properties.

Discussion of Proposed Historic Museum Building:
The board said that having a historical museum is legitimate because it educates the people and provides recreation. The building is not constructed for Historic Society, it is built for town use. The board will enter into a contract with the society stating that they have the obligation to display artifacts and staff the museum. This settles the argument on why other societies, such as the Boy Scouts, shouldn't have their own buildings. The museum will be staffed by volunteers. The board also stated that if the Historical Society dissolves the historic items owned by the society will then belong to the community. A member raised the concern of insurance on irreplaceable items. Another member said the society has their own insurance so it is not an issue. The town's Attorney will create a draft and circulate it to the board. The Board will decide later in the week on committee members. These people will work with the Board and Historical Society. They will not have any power, but will just help the board in gathering and reviewing information to make this successful.

Local Law Tree Trimming:
The board wants to limit Central Hudson from "hacking" at trees and making them unappealing. The Double Pole Law was drafted in example of Wallkill. The Board wants to come up with one law to benefit community.

CCSD Plaque Honoring Lt Boyce:
Lt Boyce received the Medal of Honor. He graduated from CCHS before it was Willow Ave Elementary School. The plaque will be placed at Willow October 23rd. The American Legion Post will be paying for half of the cost.

Public Hearings Special Districts:
The hearing are next Monday at 7pm. It will be a time for people to discuss sanitation and the benefit their property gets from the sanitation services.

Central Hudson- Proposed Rate Increases:
The Board is opposing the rate increases. There are some scheduled public hearings one will be in Newburgh. The board has already taken a public position against the increases.

Cornwall Lions Fall Harvest Race:
The request for the race is on November 12th from 830am - 12pm. The route is near the gulf course and down Duncan Ave.

Hazardous Tree- 67/69 Clinton Street:
The tree is ready to come down and a resolution will be made on Monday. The Board worries about future snow storms knocking the tree down and creating unsafe conditions.

Town Communications:
A member proposed to text communication for any road closures or delays. The other members said that it should only be used to alert people of extremely hazardous conditions. For example, in Florida text communication was used after the hurricane to tell people where fresh water and shelter was. The member wanted the board to possibly consider using this program to reach out to people during emergencies or road closures and hazardous conditions. The baked made a final decision that it should be only used for community emergencies. There are a number of other alternative sites that discuss road closures, but none specifically for Cornwall. This dispute lasted a few minutes.

New Windsor Letter re: KJ pipeline:
The pipeline wanted to be built going through Vails Gate. A letter recommends that an alternate route should be found so it is not disrupting Five Corners traffic. The letter said that it will keep the Board informed on the topic.

Hudson River Estuary Program- Scenic Resource Inventory:
The email said that the program is available with no cost to the town. This will allow the town to be recognized and would allow students from Cornell to do research.

CCAC 2016 Report:
The town applied for two grants and received both. The goal received was $19,000. The 218 clean up will be on October 22nd from 9am-12pm.

Training- Highway- attending DEC Workshop- Bulk Storage:
The training will be held in Poughkeepsie from 9am-3pm on November 9th. This is very beneficial to all types of workplaces.

There was vandalizing at the town wading pool and other locations. Suggestions have been made that during the winter groups will be found to repair the pool so it is done in the summer. The Board wants to do something more permanent and install different types of lining. The Board wants a plan for spring time because pool gets tons of use. The Chief is looking to increase patrols and position cameras to monitor the playground. This will keep the area safe and up to date for public.

The Comprehensive Planning meeting is October 11th at Munger Cottage. There is a questionnaire that will be open before then for public to see.

Showtime will be using Cornwall roads on Thursday from 7am-7pm at several locations. Oars Mills and Jackson Ave are one of the few places being used. The show brought a crew of 30 people and a medic. The board agreed that this is a very exciting event for the town. The producers of the show "Escape of Dannemora" are also planning on removing the Cornwall town sign near the 9W entrence. It will be back up shortly after filming.

The board has completed the budget for 2018 and the scheduled budget work session is on Thursday the 12th at 7pm.


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