Cornwall on Hudson photo by Michael Nelson
June 21, 2018
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Police Blotter: July 3-9, 2017

July 16, 2017

Town of Cornwall Police Blotter
July 3-9, 2017



07/04/17 A 45 yr old male from Cornwall, NY was arrested and charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle in the 2nd degree and for an interlock violation.
07/09/17 A 58 yr old female from Cornwall, NY issued an appearance ticket for a violation of The Orange County Social Host Law.
FYI: Any person, over the age of 18, who “knowingly” allows the consumption of alcohol by anyone under the age of 21 on such premises OR upon learning of said underage consumption fails to take reasonable corrective action can be charged under this local law.

07/03/17 Police contact DOT to remove a 12” tree in the roadway on Rt 218.
07/04/17 Police responded to a report of kids throwing fireworks at a building.
07/05/17 Police respond to the dog park for reported fireworks and advise subjects to move along.
07/05/17 A subject reported larceny of a bicycle. The bicycle is described as a men's yellow Cannondale mountain bike. The bike was purchased in 2012 for $800 it has red lettering over the yellow frame.
07/06/17 Subject found two drug baggies at the end of her driveway and noticed that the police were called by her neighbor for kids hanging out in the area last night. Subject just concerned about the drug activity that is going on in her neighborhood.
07/06/17 Caller reported larceny from a residence. Entry was made from a side window and jewelry was taken from a dresser.
07/07/17 A caller reported trespass at a girls home, a boy was found under one of the girls’ beds the subject took off out of a window.
07/07/17 Complainant states on 4th of July he left his home unlocked, went to a neighbors home for a while and when he came home he found a bandanna and a condom on his bed and believes it's from a neighborhood kid. Nothing was missing from the home.
07/07/17 Police respond to Rt 9W north for a report of a 2 car accident with no injuries.
07/07/17 The property manager for Storm King art center reported a large party taking place inside and on occupied residence on the storm King art center property upon arrival Police found several subjects there at the party whom they interviewed and the subjects said they learned bout the party through social media and saw a picture of a girl holding a key. Police interviewed the 15 yr old subject in the photo only to find out she was already at the party and shared a photo of the keys making a joke about a song about keys to the mansion on the hill.
07/09/17 A caller reported that two juveniles left a stuffed monkey with a giant penis drawn in marker on its belly. The monkey was also involved in a prior incident of Ding Dong Ditch at the same residence. Police caught up with the juveniles and their parents and advised the juveniles to stop the pranks.
07/09/17 Police responded to a loud party on Ridgeview Terrace. When Police arrived, teens were observed playing beer pong and an adult was spotted cleaning up in the back yard. The adult was issued an appearance ticket for a violation of The Orange County Social Host Law.
07/09/17 Police respond to a noise complaint on Maple Rd. and discover an intoxicated person who was throwing penne pasta at a windshield.


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